How to Increase your Youtube Subscribers for your Business

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Whether you’ve used our Youtube subscriber service to kickstart your channel, or if you’re still struggling with your first few followers, there are some basic principles to follow which can help you. Be prepared for a little work, there is no magic spell, but you will soon see an increase in your YouTube subscribers if you follow these concepts.

How to Increase your YouTube Subscribers

Tell your friends…and best customers

Invite each and everyone of your personal friends, family members and best customers to subscribe to your site. Sometimes all anyone needs is to be shown the personal attention of an invite to spur them on. In a best case scenario, your friends tell their friends and a few more sign up and on it goes. That’s the greatest power of the social web.

Befriend other Youtube channel holders

If you really want to know how to increase your YouTube subscribers, know that becoming friends with other Youtube channels is all about networking – not competing. You can do this in a few ways:

  • Subscribe to their channel and ask for a subscription back
  • Begin commenting on their channel regularly
  • Find who their regular subscribers and friends are and comment on their channels
  • Send them a message and ask for them to subscribe

This will work best for those who are in a similar industry to you. Perhaps some of your partners, suppliers and customers have their own channel. Build that offline relationship into your online world.

One of the most consistently successful channels for guest appearances is Epic Rap Battles of History. Here they are hosting the Smosh guys on their video for increased exposure amongst the Smosh fanbase:

Customize your channel

Making your business Youtube channel look very similar to your website and blog is quite possible with the customization options. The reasons to do this are:

  • You will be presenting a uniform image to your audience
  • This builds trust in the authenticity of your channel
  • It creates a brand identity that people will recognize
  • You will stand out from the crowd

Social media is all about making your own personal mark, this is an easy opportunity to do so.

Self promote your Youtube channel

There are two avenues that you can take to promote your Youtube channel yourself:

  • Your own platforms: blog, website, emails, Facebook
  • Within the content itself

Putting a mention of your latest Youtube update at the end of every email and blog you create can give your customers another avenue to explore your business. Posting videos to Facebook should be a task done for each and every single video. Your goal should always be to create links between your accounts.

Promoting within the content itself is easy! At the end of every video just ask people to subscribe and tell them how. My favorite Youtubers all point out at the end of their video ‘hey, there’s a button popping up now to subscribe, or click the link to my right.’ This is a verbal call to action, take the time to make one.

Quick tips on how to increase your YouTube subscribers

how to increase youtube subscribersWant a list of quick tips to stick up somewhere? Here we go:

  • Create catchy titles that accurately describe the content
  • Use questions in your video to solicit more comments
  • Add some personality, don’t act like a school teacher
  • Always use high quality equipment
  • Annotations are a great way to promote previous videos

Using a few of these alone will catch the attention of users and keep them coming back. Getting really in depth with the suggestions above on how to increase your Youtube subscribers for your business will soon have your videos being seen more regularly than the local nightly news!

Now, are you wonder who has the most YouTube subscribers of all time? It’s video gaming icon PewDiePie! Here he is doing what he does so well. Be warned that there’s lots of completely dumb silliness and swearing:

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