How to Increase your YouTube Marketing Efforts with Social Shares

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What causes your friends to send you those videos and messages that they find online? What drives people to push the ‘like’ or share button on their social media accounts? Finding out why these behaviours occur can increase the effectiveness of your YouTube marketing plan by increasing your social sharing. This article will show you the type of content that can work so that you can get to creating it.

Great YouTube marketing involves a plan for social sharing

Regardless of the platform, emotional response is what triggers most social shares. People have to be touched by your message in some way before they’ll go through the trouble of bothering their friends or associating themselves with your content. Make them laugh, make them think, make them smarter, but maybe don’t make them cry!

This is as true for your Youtube marketing plan as it is for any other. Create an emotion and you’ll create a social share.

Why should you incorporate this sort of emotional response into your Youtube marketing plan?

Because social sharing is how content ‘goes viral.’ This is the holy grail of current online and YouTube marketing, and you can make it happen. As with all things in life, no one will do it for you, you have to put in the work that will cause it. Afterwards, you may sit back and watch the snowball grow as the social sharing aspect of your YouTube plan takes off!

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Have an opinion to make your YouTube marketing stand out

It is rare that you can make an emotional connection with someone through the usual, and predictable, marketing techniques of old.  A YouTube video with a personal voice, and a well constructed argument for an opinion given, can garner social shares, comments and the beginnings of an online community.

How do you do this if you’re in a business that can be seen as boring? With creativity, humour and by listening to everyone around your business. Complaints brought up by customers can spark an idea, the input of your employees can bring up a topic dear to those in the industry and comments on other videos are a gold mine of information relevant to your viewers. Pay attention to these and pay everyone back by bring up the topics of interest you find.

Make it easy on yourself by making your YouTube content easy to share

Include as many sharing buttons as possible on all of your YouTube videos. Popular options are:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Google +

It is incredibly easy to do. Speak with your developer for assistance.

The next task is to put these buttons on your website itself with your videos. Using your YouTube videos everywhere they make sense, connecting your online worlds through buttons and widgets, and reusing great content are key strategies that help you present a united image to your audience. You don’t need to keep your YouTube videos on YouTube alone, spread them around to get social shares everywhere they are found!

The last step of your YouTube marketing plans social sharing aspect

This may be another simple step, but it is missed by many YouTube marketing plans. If your video is getting shared all over the internet you want people to know that it is yours every moment it is on their screen, right? Brand your YouTube videos with your corporate logo in an unobtrusive part of the screen. Don’t ever let anyone mistake who made your video.

This will also greatly decrease the chances of someone taking your work and passing it off as their own! After all this hard work and planning you deserve credit every single time someone pushes ‘Share.’

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