YouTube Marketing Plan: How to Shoot a Great Video

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YouTube marketing is all about connecting with your customers on a personal level. Having a familiar face and voice helps build trust and make you much more relatable. YouTube s perfect for this as it incorporates video, sound and text all in one place. With a few well placed links, and a great video, you can drive traffic and reach your conversion goals.

Making a great YouTube video is no small task. Most small business owners choose to self-produce their own videos, rather than hire  an expensive production company. With planning and today’s equipment you will be able to produce professional level videos with a small budget. There’s much more to it than just sitting in front of a camera with the record button on. Here are 3 tips to help you.

1. Great YouTube marketing takes planning

To produce the great video you want on a small budget, you must know what you are going to shoot before the cameras start rolling. ‘Just going with it’ leads to a disjointed product and possible re-shoots later on which drive up production costs.

A small business should start their YouTube marketing plan with a full script. Having that reference handy, and sticking to it, will keep you on task while you’re on camera. The script you write should have dialog, shooting instructions, camera angles, props and everything else that will happen planned out.

Doing all of this allows you to know in advance what will happen so you can best shoot it. If you need multiple takes you know that the same thing will be said by your actors each time, leaving you with a consistent piece at the end.

2. Invest in quality equipment for your YouTube marketing efforts to look professional

YouTube marketing is all about selling yourself. If you look amateurish on camera it will reflect on your company. You don’t need to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on Hollywood movie level cameras – a 1 time expenditure of around $1000 will get you the key items you need.

Your biggest expense will be on the camera. A camcorder with a lens that shoots 720p or 1080i HD (high definition) video is what you will want. Do not use your smartphone or digital still camera that have HD video, the quality will still not be good enough as these devices are not made specifically for video.

Your next purchase should be either a camera mounted light or 2 flood lights. These will dramatically improve the picture quality, contrast and color. Position the two floodlights in a ‘v’ pattern – one to the side of the camera pointing across the talent, one next to the camera pointing directly at the talent.

Chances are good that your cameras built in microphone will not be good enough. If part of your YouTube marketing plan is to sound like a professional in your industry you will literally need to sound professional! Choose an external mic, such as one which clips onto your actors. This will filter out the background noise.

Last, a high-quality video editing program should be bought. Adobe Premier Elements and Corel VideoStudio Pro X6 are standards in the YouTube world.

When Smosh first started they had the lowest quality video imaginable. They gained a huge following, for sure, but do oyu think they’d be as popular today if their videos still looked like this?

Um, no.

3. Consider these professional shooting tips for your YouTube marketing

There are a number of steps the pros take before the cameras ever roll. Your YouTube marketing strategy will benefit from following these guidelines:

  • Set up your shots in advance using the script.
  • Do test shots with the lighting and microphones.
  • Use a background that doesn’t distract from the onscreen talent.
  • Dress the talent to match the mood, do they need suits for a formal look, or business casual for a relaxed one? Avoid stripes, bust patterns and bright colors.
  • Make sure your on screen talent are relaxed and in the right frame of mind to begin, just talk to them!
  • Take more than one shot for editing later in the process.

Following these 3 tips can create some amazing videos for your YouTube marketing plan. Read this other article to learn more about YouTube marketing for small business, you’ll be well on your way to be the next online sensation!

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