The 5 Best Ways to Get People Sharing your Tweets on Twitter

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Social media marketing on Twitter is all about being social. If you’re not getting people to socially interact with you, and with their friends, then you’re not doing social media marketing. What you’re doing is marketing on a social media platform. How do you get people sharing your tweets on Twitter? Good question!

The basic theory on the social structure of the internet is the ‘90-9-1’ rule. 90% of people are lurkers who only read content, 9% contribute and interact, and 1% are creators. Finding a way to entice those 90%, to get them to stop reading and start joining in and sharing your tweets, is they key to your success. The other 10% are already on your side and will respond to your efforts just as readily as ever, perhaps even more so!

The five best ways to get people sharing your tweets on Twitter

Write content that people want to share

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Taking a look at my content here, and thinking back on other social media success, allows me to know what works on the social media sites I use. If you’re like me, and odds are good that you are, your best content is ‘how-tos’ and ‘best of’ lists, along with passionate and frank sharing of information.

Be sure to craft content on Twitter that plays to your strengths, allows users to learn something and shares an opinion or two every now and then.

Use Email marketing as an opportunity to get shares

Email marketing is still surprisingly effective! I know, social is the way of the future and all that. But the results from email are still there and it doesn’t look like it will soon end. People signed up for your email because they’re interested in being contacted in that way. Who are you to deny them that?

Put in a link to your Twitter account, new users are joining all the time and that next new users may be one of your email subscribers.

Try using pre-populated tweets

A popular new app is called ClickToTweet. It allows users to create a pre-populated tweet that allows you to create a tweet that has a quote, tip or statistic in it that can be put in your blog post. People can then click on it and it will tweet out with a link back to your post. Linking multiple platforms is a powerful tool.

This can also be done with the Embed Tweet feature on Twitter itself. You will click on the feature within Twitter and embed the code into your blog post. It will look like this:

Adding social share buttons to the top and bottom of your webpages is a feature you see more and more of these days. You want to make it easy for people to share your content. Having someone actually go through all the effort of copy and pasting your web address is often too much to ask!

Try our Retweets service to get things moving

Often, you biggest obstacle to getting more retweets is getting those first few retweets. For those who don’t quite have an engaged audience, or who are new and don’t have a large audience, there’s our Twitter Retweets service. This incredibly useful service will help to get real retweets as more people see your tweets succeeding.

It can be hard to get those first few retweets happening. Our service helps you along, and makes it an easier decision for your real followers to also hit retweet!

Share other people’s tweets to get them sharing your tweets

Twitter is a ‘give what you get’ type of environment. If you want people to share your tweets, you’re going to have to get people to notice you, a great way to do that is to socialize. Hey, it is social media!

You can socialize just the same way that you want people to interact with your business. Get involved in some conversations, hit the share button on some others peoples content and follow people back.

Are you ready for the last, and easiest, pieces of advice on how to get more shares? Ask for them. Ask right in the post with a simple call to action. You can greatly increase your chance of being shared more on Twitter itself by just using these 13 characters: “Please ReTweet.”

If you have extra space, try out “Please ReTweet if you agreee,” “Please ReTweet to spread the word” or “Please ReTweet if you like bacon.”

Everyone likes bacon. Except vegetarians, but they’ll likely make a comment on your tweet, so either way you’ll win! Ok, the point of the last one is to have some fun in the comment as people are use to seeing the “Please ReTweet” comment and a little extra creativity can go a long way!

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