YouTube and Vimeo Video Marketing: Ride the Next Wave of Content Marketing

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Youtube and Vimeo video marketing are the two hottest advertising platforms online today. This is for a few very good reasons, namely that people are watching more and more video all the time as networks get faster and uncapped limits come into play.

Taking advantage of YouTube and Vimeo video marketing should be your next step after mastering written content. Here are 5 solid reasons to start moving in that direction, along with advice on how to accomplish them.

YouTube and Vimeo video marketing: Rise the Next Wave of Content Marketing

YouTube and Vimeo video marketing gives your brand a real voice – and face!

The best examples of YouTube and Vimeo video marketing all present a regular host to the audience. An excellent example of this would be the the exceptional “Will it Blend” series by Blendtec and their host, Tom Dickson (who’s also the company owner). Tom isn’t terribly charismatic, he just comes across as goofy and likable.

Your video host can be any kind of person, just make sure that they’re likeable in some way, and that you present them regularly. Your fans will grow to trust and identify with this person. Watch Tim do his thing as an example:

YouTube and Vimeo video marketing is the perfect place to tell stories

With your video marketing efforts you have two basic ways to go: “How-to” videos, and brand story videos. How to videos are stories about how to us your products in some way. The Home Depot does this perfectly, and have over 100 such videos in their collection. Here’s one I’ve watched:

The second kind of story telling takes the shape of a typical commercial, but with a greater emphasis on story than marketing. GEICO are the best example of this as they focus on telling 30 second stories for the YouTube generation. For a more Vimeo video marketing perspective, this Lincoln Motor Company video nails it for the Vimeo audience:

The potential for viral video marketing

Video is designed to elicit strong emotional reactions. It’s moving images, just like real life, right in front of your face. When those strong reactions are evoked, the Share button is hit. You know that when your friends watch it that they are going to feel something too, and all in the fraction of time that the same information would take via reading.

Having video embedded on different platforms outside of Vimeo and youTube, like on a blog (ahem), helps break through the seemingly never ending stream of written words that are online. Video marketing can go viral from more than just your brand channel, it can be anywhere as long as there’s a share option. Our own YouTube services and Vimeo services can help your video get a foothold, but all those people out there finding a way and a reason to share your video make virality happen.

Video can be great for SEO

Not only is YouTube the world’s second largest search engine itself, but videos are great search engine fodder. With your title, tags, and descriptions filled out, your videos can start ranking as well as your website and other content.

The social sharing mentioned above can also help with SEO as a more relevant video is a better ranking video. A video that receives lots of social shares is seen as relevant. When your video marketing efforts start to take off you can notice all sorts of benefits tying together, SEO is one of them.

You can also try this article on YouTube for local SEO to learn more.

YouTube and Vimeo video marketing is not as expensive as you think

Before the Internet, you had to spend thousands of dollars to make a commercial, with an entire crew and expensive cameras, then spend thousands more to air it on TV. YouTube and Vimeo have changed that by allowing you to show high quality video with something as simple as your smartphone, and upload it for next to nothing.

If you don’t have the time or skill to shoot your own videos, there are two options:

  • Hire a local freelancer
  • Hire a youTube star to market your products

A search can find those local up and coming video production companies that can whip up a video for you in as little as a week. The Lincoln video above is an example of a sponsored video created by a freelance team. The second option can be found any which way you want. Approach a YouTube channel that is popular by speaking directly with the owner, and ask them if they’re willing to have a sponsor.

One of the best examples of this, and one which doesn’t rub me the wrong way personally, is Philip deFranco’s with his recent sponsorships. This video is sponsored by the “Drive Sober, Or Get Pulled Over” campaign:

YouTube and Vimeo video marketing are the new TV, and you can both afford to get on it no matter what size your company is, and find success amongst relevant consumers.

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