Social Media Marketing Predictions 2015: YouTube Kills the Video Star

Social Media Marketing Predictions

I apologise to anyone under the age of 25. The title was in reference to the famous song by The Buggles. It was the first song to be played on MTV, and signaled the end of radio being where stars were made. One of my big social media marketing prediction for 2015 is that this is the year video takes off even more!

See what I did there now?

Read on for more of my social media marketing predictions for 2015. It’ll be full of examples so that you can see what your social media marketing plan should start including.


Social media marketing predictions for 2015

YouTube kills the video star – MTV now only plays reality show reruns

I’m old enough to remember when MTV showed videos. I’m also old enough to remember day 1 of MTV2, when they played nothing but videos non-stop. MTV has seen that no one watches videos on TV anymore – why do that when they can watch them whenever they want on YouTube? Creating playlists for your dance parties, playing the perfect break-up song, and getting Taylor Swift’s help to Shake It Off.

Now you’re a social media marketer. You don’t make music videos (but maybe you should), but you’re still going to be impacted by the power of video marketing. Many brands ahd great years in 2014 with video, and you can capitalize.

You don’t need to have the mighty marketing dollar of Nike:

Start thinking along the lines of this if you have a super low budget.

28 million views for that. Let me say it again: Twenty eight million views. The secret is that it would be incredibly useful to your viewers…if you sold scarves.

If you have a little more money, the Dollar Shave Club made this for around $5000:

The most expensive part of that video was either the bear costume rental, or the music. People online are STARVED for this type of content. I’m one of those people, and this very much reminds me of a treatment I wrote for a commercial earlier this year.

Everyone has a hashtag

e’ve all been using hashtags on Twitter for a long time now, so this may not seem like one the best social media marketing predictions for 2105. However, social media marketing experts in 2015 will be using them more frequently to track conversations and have discussions. As more people begin to use Twitter, it gets harder to track what people are saying. Hashtags were made specifically for this.

A great example from this year was DiGiorno Pizza’s #DiGiorNOYOUDIDNT hashtag. Scroll down past their big mistake with the #whyistayed hashtag and see all the fun they had with NFL fans during the season:

Then they broke Twitter with this tweet after joining in on the #SuperBowl hashtag during the biggest game of the year:

That may have gone down as the best marketing in 140 characters or less all year!

Facebook’s paid ads are the only way for brands to be seen

The decline of Facebook organic reach has been well documented. This has annoyed me greatly on a personal level as I’ve missed lots of great content from people I actually want to hear from. The one millionth baby picture? Well, that still seems to make it through the damn algorithm…

Brands are going to have to continue to pay more for their posts to be seen on Facebook. This will result in two action:

  1. The content quality will improve – no one wants to pay for something half-assed
  2. More content and time will make its way to other platforms – video and Twitter would be my recommendations
  3. Brands will start sponsoring Facebook fan pages more frequently

This is something I’m see more and more often on a soccer page I follow. Soccer Laduma** have been showing posts like this more and more often:

social media marketing predictions 2015
This is the only example from their Facebook page that’s still up. The brand at the top of the image, Three Ships Whisky, is a major whisky manufacturer and exporter in South Africa. They have also worked with Soccer Laduma on Facebook contests, those have been taken down as they’re over, with links to their Facebook page in the post text.

Soccer Laduma makes money when sponsors pay them for advertising space in their soccer newspaper. More of that advertising money is going to be going to their Facebook pages, not directly to Facebook itself.

My last social media marketing prediction for 2015 is that the ridiculous Devumi Gorilla on Twitter will continue to be…..Hey! Take your stinking paws off my keyboard, you damned dirty ape!

…The Devumi Gorilla will continue to be totally awesome on Twitter. #gorillafriendship #Ilovebananas


**Properly pronounced Laduuuuuuuuma! Laduma is a Zulu word which roughly translates to ‘it thunders,’ or in this context ‘it thunders from the foot.’ It’s a South African soccer expression which means goooooooal! Don’t say I never tried to teach you something on here!

Feature image via Fer Gregory / Shutterstock

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