The Best YouTube Channels from Brands in 2014

Best YouTube Channels

The Best YouTube channels from brands in 2014 gave us plenty of great video content over the year. They showed us some great examples of how to do video marketing as they entertained us. We can all use that knowledge to better our own video marketing campaigns in 2015.

Here are six of the best Youtube channels from brands in 2104, along with exciting examples of the content they gave us during the year!

The Best YouTube Channels from brands in 2014


Red Bull gives their account wiiiiiings

The Red Bull account is one of the best YouTube channels from a brand in 2014 thanks to all the high-flying energy their account brings to the world. They keep the branding to a minimum and instead allow the events and people they sponsor put on a show.

Their most viewed video of the year was published in January of 2014. It featured footballing superstar Neymar doing what he does best – juggling a football – against a freestyle champion:

5 million views for filming two guys in an empty stadium having a kickabout and playing video games! The video no doubt gained views due to the World Cup. I don’t doubt that it’s crossover appeal, English and Portuguese speakers alike, and the millions of FC Barcelona fans, would still have seen it getting a million+ views.

This best YouTube channels from brands article isn’t about one video, it’s about a whole channel. The Red Bull channel posts content nearly every day, with video getting at least 30,000 views in their first few days. Engagement on videos is high as people chime in on the insane stunts they see, their subscription numbers are the highest in the industry amongst brands, and they have a consistent type of video they post in the action sports world.

For more on that, here’s the second most viewed video of their year, posted just 3 weeks ago:

Ya…not much you can say about that insanity!

Budweiser gives their viewers a buzz

Budweiser had two of the most viewed ads of 2014, a big win for any of the best YouTube channels from brands in 2014. The first was the obnoxiously adorable ad they made for the Super Bowl featuring a puppy and the Budweiser clydesdales:

So many awwwws. The other video also featured a dog, making me think they should ditch the horses and go all puppy for their videos. Those two dog videos saw over 74 million views!

The problem with the Budweiser YouTube channel is their low subscription count of around 81,000. They could do well with our YouTube subscribers service to get those numbers up. Content wise, they need to be more consistent to really take advantage of what they’re doing. Videos like this, which are cheap to make and have a great brand message, should be more in line with the content they’re striving for:

Sony Playstation gives PewDiePie a run for his money

PewDiePie is the unquestioned King of Video Games on YouTube. His channel is the most subscribed YouTube channel…ever. Playstation are trying to take a chunk of his, and every other gamer’s, viewership with their channel.

They’re doing this with exclusive trailers for new games, along with the gameplay that fans love to watch. Here’s their most viewed video for the year:

It featured average dudes playing games, and combined it with a high production value. Most of their videos are more in line with this one which has some sample gameplay, a little editing, and some music.

At nearly 3 million subscribers, and 100,00 views within a week for new videos on average, they’re definitely doing something right. The lesson to learn here is they’re taking their product and showing what it does best – YouTube doesn’t have to be complicated in the right product genre!

Best YouTube Channels from brands in 2014 – Honorable mentions

To be fair, these three channels did everything right. Any one of them could have been one of the best YouTube channels from brands in 2014, but something about them didn’t quite click with me.

GoPro – Their subscription numbers are great at 2.5 million, and they post content just as constantly as Red Bull. I feel they lack any sort of cohesive link between videos. It’s just a whole bunch of crazy stuff happening in many, many genres. Red Bull stick to action sports for the most part. Go Pro does…everything.

Nike Football – Their big winner was The Last Game in connection with the World Cup. They scored big with another video featuring Cristiano Ronaldo as well. My favorite videos from them this year was their Zlatan animated videos. They cracked me up with each new video. Here’s the entire playlist, the first video is the last one, the second video is the first and they play chronologically from there:

Samsung Mobile – This YouTube channel really surprised me this year. They tapped into the World Cup fever and it paid off big. Their work with some of the biggest names in football propelled their subscription numbers through the roof and into the…galaxy.

Yes, this was a pun regarding the fact that their YouTube channel efforts for the World Cup centered around the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The video series had over 100 million views and were long, some over 7 minutes, for YouTube.

They are also taking a page from the Apple playbook with cutting edge video introductions for their new products.

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