How to Make Money on YouTube – With 10 Examples!


If you’re wondering how to make money on YouTube, and struggling to get things going, it doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. Plenty of YouTube channels are pulling in six-figure incomes, or higher, thanks to the YouTube Partner Program – and their great content.

How do you get to make some of that money on YouTube? Here are ten ways that anyone can make money, and not all of them have something to do with the YouTube Partner Program. Be prepared to be creative with how to make money on YouTube!

Making money on YouTube – 10 exciting examples


1: Promote products you create on YouTube

It isn’t all about getting views when you want to make money on YouTube. Having a product to sell, which is featured in your videos, is a great way to earn an additional income. The great thing about this income is that YouTube doesn’t take half of it!

Products you can create include:

  • eBooks
  • T-Shirts
  • Art
  • Music

And a host of channel specific items. Like how Epic Meal Time sells kitchen utensils.

2: Use Affiliate marketing to sell other people’s items

This is all about selling and promoting other people’s items and earning a commission when a sale is made. There are hundred of thousands of companies that offer affiliate marketing, including our own affiliate marketing program, that offers you the chance to make money on YouTube.

Major places to check out include:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • ClickBank
  • Commission Junction
  • ShareASale

Look around for opportunities specific to the type of content you make and watch the dollars come rolling in!

3: Drive traffic to a website or blog

Often, the best way to make money on YouTube isn’t on YouTube itself. The best opportunity is often on a website that your YouTube marketing promotes. We’ve helped many YouTube channels get more subscribers with our YouTube subscription packages, using those numbers to increase social proof, and drive people on your channel to your website is a key marketing move.

The way you’ll do this is with:

  • A link to your website in the first line of the video description
  • YouTube Annotations that lead to specific landing pages

Those two simple link placements can do wonders for driving traffic to your website, and making YouTube profitable for you.

4: Create a series and keep them coming back

If you’re a storyteller, a comedian, a singer, or any sort of entertainer YouTube could be your stage. You can do anything you want on YouTube …so long as you have the budget, and you stay within YouTube’s 15 minute time limit. If you’re focused on making longer shows you can see about extending that limit.

No matter how long your videos are, a series is a great way to make money on YouTube as it keeps people coming back again and again. One of my favorites was Video Game High School, a full half hour show. Here’s an episode with Harley from Epic Meal Time doing an appearance:

5: Host a show and become a YouTube personality

This differs from the above suggestion as YouTube personalities are typically single hosts who are passionate and knowledgable about a particular topic. You have to be dynamic, engaging, and too much fun to make money this way, but many are doing it. Some of the most successful are:

  • NigaHiga
  • Phillip DeFranco
  • Ray William Johnson when he hosted =3, now hosted by Robby Motz
  • Pew Die Pie, he of video game fame
  • Jenna Marbles, equal parts personality and series host
  • Smosh, also personalities and comedy series hosts

Take the time to study how these users make money on YouTube, and get ready to entertain the world.

6: Create tutorials and share your knowledge

Not every YouTuber is making a fool of themselves to make money. Many are sharing their expertise in a particular field. While tutorial videos are mostly popular in the makeup application genre, there are other do it yourselfers making money on YouTube as well.

Here’s Michelle Phan doing one of her highly successful makeup tutorials:

7: Use YouTube as a market research opportunity

The famous YouTube comment section is where people really do not hold back. If you want to find out whether or not your new business or product idea will work, create a YouTube channel about that product. Create videos which talk about the product, and you will get brutally honest feedback. Be sure to bring your grain of salt for the worst comments, but you can get some useful insight into products you want to sell before going to market.

8: Get your metadata right

If you’re having a hard time bringing in traffic, you can try using our YouTube views service to boost your social proof. To keep that momentum going you’ll need to have a strong keyword plan that keeps you near the top of the search engines.

In the Creator Playbook, YouTube shows you the best use practices for your metadata. This involves coordinating the information in your title, description, and tags. Not planning for search optimization could be a huge factor in the success you’ll have in making money on YouTube.

9: Build up YOU

If you’re comfortable in front of a camera, YouTube is your chance to build a brand – a brand called YOU. No matter what your job, your interests, your strengths and weaknesses, create videos and see what sticks. You never know, you may just find a niche that people respond to, and all it takes is time and pushing a few buttons.

This is an exercise in brand building, the trick is that YOU are the brand. Take a look at our other YouTube marketing articles for brands and apply it to you personally.

10: Yes, use the YouTube Partner Program

No article on how to make money on YouTube would be complete without a mention of the Youtube Partner Program. I have written about this topic a bit more in depth in the article I wrote on increasing your YouTube ad revenue, but you can’t neglect it when you want to make money on YouTube.

There are going to be commercials shown before your video. Tapping into that resource of cash can help you tremendously. Most estimate have the worth of 1 million views at around $2000. Some estimates are high, some slightly lower. One video of yours may never reach one million views on its own, but if you have 50 videos you’ll surely make money on YouTube and start your career online!

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