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Getting more Vine followers can be a bit tricky. This new social media marketing platform is a combination of YouTube and Twitter, with a heavy influence from Twitter’s success via limitation. With Vine videos being limited to six seconds, Vine users are finding all new ways to make statements quickly, while also making them often.

Not only can having more Vine followers help your marketing goals specifically on Vine, but you can also use these short, punchy videos on other social media marketing platforms to great results. Can you guess which social media site loves Vines the most? Read to the end and I’ll tell you!


Increasing your Vine followers with 6 great tips

Start following active users

There are going to be Vine users who you find to be more popular, but likely to follow back, than others. Look through the lists of popular Vine accounts to find those who are likely to give you a follow back and follow them first.

If you don’t get their attention, and that follow back, the first time you need to keep up the work and like their Vines. If you keep at it you’ll start to notice them revining you, helping you get more Vine followers through their audience.

Like other Vines in your genre

You may or may not want to focus specifically on liking Vines within your ‘genre’ of video. But every like is your chance to develop a connection with another Vine user, and get a follow back from them.

Start out with smaller accounts. The most popular users on Vine won’t have time to follow back everyone who likes their videos. Once you have a larger following you can start to use social proof as a way of swaying these influencers. If you want to take a shortcut to gaining the attention of these users you can use our Vine followers and Loops service. You’ll skip the waiting for a large following, and get right to gaining the attention of popular Vine users.

Use your other social networks as leverage

Sharing your Vines on Twitter, Facebook, and in a YouTube compilation can help you find new Vine followers through your already established audiences. Not only that, but shares and retweets will help spread your Vines to people who aren’t in your network.

One of my favorite Vine users is Jerry Purpdrank. This compilation of his Vines on YouTube, with nearly 4 million views, had tears rolling down my face within 5 minutes. While this video isn’t officially from him, he’d be wise to get his own YouTube account and start getting those viewers more directly.

Post new Vines frequently

Vine takes more after momma Vine than daddy YouTube in many ways. This isn’t too surprising considering that Twitter owns Vine. You’ll be at your best, and gaining new followers the quickest, when you most more often. Not every single Vine you post will be an incredible piece of short video mastery, but it will start growing an understanding of who you are, and tell a story about what users can expect.

Create high quality Vines

Touching on the point above, while you do need to create Vines frequently, you can’t complete sacrifice quality. A good plan to follow is to have a regular schedule for pre-planned Vines that you work on ahead of time.

With a regular schedule established for those higher quality or scripted Vines, you’ll have fans showing up at regular times. They’ll be ready to revine you, and Loop you over and over.

Use trending topics

Does this sound like another social media platform? Hmmm…

Taking advantage of trending topics on Vine will be a sure way to gain new followers form people you have no connection to. Just adding a hashtag, like #SuperBowl during the annual gridiron holiday, can be huge for your account. Plan in advance when big events are coming up, and be prepared to create something on the spot when there’s a celebrity nipple slip.

Get Vine followers by mimicking this social media website…

Have you guessed which social media website’s the most similar to Vine. Of course you have; It’s Twitter! Any time you can cross over your Twitter and Vine accounts is a HUGE bonus. Vine videos, at a scant 6 seconds, fit in perfectly on Twitter as people want you to get to the point in a hurry. Our Twitter Automatic Engagements service can work wonders for your online presence as it grows your Twitter following, and finds you new Vine followers!

For more help with your Vine account, see our video below. We have the tools to help you get more Vine followers, loops, and revines today!

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