What is LinkedIn, and How Can I Use it to Get a Job?

what is linkedin

We have social networks for the whole family: Facebook. Social networks for those obsessed with pictures of their food: Instagram. And social networks for the terminally impatient: Twitter. But what is LinkedIn? To put it simply, it’s a social network for the professional. What kind of professional? Well, anyone with any job, really!

No matter what profession you are in you can join LinkedIn to connect with past and current work colleagues, find other users who are in your industry, talk about business ideas in groups, and find a new job. If it has to do with work, you’ll find it on LinkedIn somewhere!

How does LinkedIn work?

what is linkedin logoMost new users on LinkedIn start by filling out their profile. This is because LinkedIn focuses on work details such as:

  • A summary of what you’re looking for business wise
  • Past and current jobs, with detailed history encouraged
  • Education
  • Skills and experiences
  • Honors and awards received
  • Recommendations from those you’ve worked with

The goal is to create an online resume that breathes. You have the ability to control who can see what parts of your profile when users who aren’t logged in, or connected to you, find you. Privacy is important!

You’ll be able to keep people looking at you, and your profile, thanks to the social side of LinkedIn. Posting regular updates helps keep people in your network interested in you. The right share from the right person can lead to new people finding your profile, and maybe offering you some work.

What is LinkedIn being used for?

The majority of people on LinkedIn are there for one of four reasons:

  1. Stay in touch: The days of working at once place for your whole life are so over they’re in a museum. LinkedIn is the perfect place to stay in touch with old work colleagues. This can come in really handy if you’re looking for a reference and the person you want to have contacted has moved on from where you were working together.
  2. Get answers: If you, or your co workers, are stumped on a question in your industry you can join a LinkedIn Group full of experts. You can also post an update in your Newsfeed asking your followers for their advice. Either way, you’re sure to get some great responses.
  3. Find jobs: There are thousands of job listings on LinkedIn. Using the search function can locate that perfect job you never thought you’d get. Your LinkedIn profile can easily be your resume!
  4. Find new employees: Employers love how they can find out nearly everything about a potential employee right in one place. They don’t even have to wait around for recommendations and references – they’re right there on your profile already!

LinkedIn currently has 380 million members, and rising every day. Are you worried that all of those members are in the USA and Europe? Don’t be, you can use LinkedIn effectively for job search in over 200 countries!

What is LinkedIn being used for by corporations?

LinkedIn also has corporate pages. Here’s a screenshot of the Devumi LinkedIn page:

what is linkedin devumi homepage

What a cute gorilla. (He hit me in the office last week and HR ignored me. HELP)

Corporations are using LinkedIn to show off some of their branding, a bit of their culture, and attract new talent to their company.

Corporations on LinkedIn are looking to attract the best talent. The best talent always wants to work with a popular employer. For those brands which are new to LinkedIn, or those looking to make a big push, our popular LinkedIn follower service can really help push that new talent to join them. Who doesn’t want to work for a popular company? Adding on a Social Promotion package can push those numbers even higher as real Twitter influencers discuss your business.

Ways that you can start making connections on LinkedIn today

For the new LinkedIn user, there are three easy to follow ways to increase your connections right away and start looking like a LinkedIn power user:

  1. Ask people that you’ve worked with for a Recommendation. You can give them one back in return if they need a push. Ask them to clearly show that you’ve worked together in some capacity.
  2. Join groups to connect with users in your industry. Sharing ideas can lead to sharing business, know what I’m saying? You’ll also increase your authority in the industry as you become a trusted voice.
  3. Add your LinkedIN URL to your business card and email signature.

LinkedIn allows you to customize your LinkedIn URL. Take advantage of this so that your URL is as easy to type in as possible for those who get your business card. It should also help with your Google search results, but don’t quote me on that.

So, what is LinkedIn? It is a cutting edge, 21st century social network for professional to connect, engage, and seek new employment and employees. For every dumb cat meme you’ll see on Facebook from your mom, there’s a possible opportunity to expand your professional life on LinkedIn. Why waste another moment on a LOLZ Cat?

Now, to be serious for a moment, if you need real help getting more LinkedIn followers you can learn from the master, Conan O’Brien:

Just have a famous TV show and ask! Wait, no TV show? Sorry, give this article a second read and you one day topple the mighty Coco!


Feature image via EDHAR / Shutterstock

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