Facebook Video Ads Are Getting Quieter


Marketers and brands use Facebook Video Ads to promote product launches, send out customer stories, and showcase behind-the-scenes footage. They also include powerful calls to action in these videos, such as “Shop Now” or “Learn More.” While Facebook Video Ads have long been a powerful marketing tool, they are about to get even better, thanks to the automated captioning feature that Facebook is about to roll out. This feature will change the way brands display and people interact with videos on Facebook.

Why Audio Is a Problem

While advertisers enjoy the benefits of Facebook Video Ads, no one can deny that the platform has its share of issues. First, a reported 80 percent of Facebook users view the audio on video ads negatively. They do not want to hear these ads when they log into Facebook. Creating a negative experience for customers is the exact opposite of what marketers hope to accomplish with their ads, so this has been a problem for brands of all sizes.


Second, many people view Facebook on mobile devices, which creates its own set of problems. Videos on these devices are automatically set to silent unless the user turns the volume up. Facebook believes that as many as 40 percent of these ads don’t get their message across when the sound is off. Because of that, marketers have created and published ads that have failed to resonate with their target markets. They are spending money without getting any results.

This created a two-pronged problem for advertisers. On one hand, they were annoying users, and on the other, they weren’t getting noticed. Both are very serious problems, and both are fixed by the new captioning feature.

How It Works

When Facebook unrolls this feature, users will simply upload video ads like they have in the past.


Facebook will analyze the video and create captions. People have the chance to view the video with the captions and make changes before publishing it. That way, they can make sure the captions are free from errors.

Once it is published, people will see the video with the captions.

While companies have always been able to caption their own videos or upload caption files, this is the first time Facebook has made it easy for them. It is doing this in the hopes of providing a better user experience for viewers and helping companies increase conversions. As of right now it looks like it will accomplish both of these goals with this new feature.

Increasing Video View Time

Facebook has run internal tests of the automated captioning feature and found that captioning the videos increases view time by an average of 12 percent. View time is one of the most important metrics for advertisers because it is indicative of user behavior. Fifty-five percent of viewers who watch the first 3 seconds of a Facebook ad will then go on to watch the next 10 seconds. On top of that, 45 percent of those people will watch the ad in its entirely.

While you might wonder why you need to fight to make it to 3 or 10 seconds, the research is clear.

According to Nielsen, 47 percent of a Facebook ad’s value is delivered in the first three seconds. By the time 10 seconds roll around, 74 percent of the value has been delivered.

In other words, increasing the view time by a few seconds is a surefire way to increase conversions. When people see the value that you have to offer, they are more likely to go to your website or purchase a product. That makes this automated feature very enticing for advertisers, especially those who deliver the value up front.

Allows Marketers to Highlight Points

Sometimes, the message can get lost in a voiceover. This is especially true with important points. By using the captioning feature, you can highlight your important points. These points will be right in front of your market, in an easy-to-read format. This will make it easier for you to get your points across to your market. Whether you are communicating something simple or complex, this feature can help you increase your conversions.

Add Value Instead of Annoying Users

Captioning lets you add value without annoying people on Facebook. When you annoy people, you hurt your brand. On the other hand, when you add value, you help your brand. Something as simple as captioning helps you add the value you want while still getting your marketing message across.

It’s time for marketers to go silent on Facebook. Use this feature so you can stop annoying people and start engaging your market. This tool will help you increase your viewing time, and get you more conversions from your Facebook ads.


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