5 SoundCloud Promotion Tips to Help your Band

SoundCloud has become the number one place on the internet to market your music. The site is frequented by creators, consumers, producers and booking agents. This makes it the perfect place to offer your music online. Here are 5 SoundCloud promotion tips that will help your band succeed and grow.

For extra fun, you’ll find one of my personal favorite tacks on SoundCloud at the end of the article…read though to find it!

Cross social media platforms with built in SoundCloud promotion tools

SoundCloud has been built to be the simplest place to store your songs in one place with widget features built into it that allow you to send your songs out to other social networks or blogs. With just one push of a button you can share your music with these social media accoumusic notents:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • MySpace
  • WordPress
  • Blogger

And even email. Having all of these sharing options in one place allows you to get your music out there while also creating content for your other accounts. Be sure to keep it interesting when you’re being social. Actively ask for feedback, create contests for your fans and always seek news ways to share your work on these social platforms. Your SoundCloud promotion and marketing will only go as far as your imagination will allow it.

Privately share your works in progress

Are you trying out some new songs? Why not share them with a few of your most active and biggest fans to help them feel that little bit extra special? This can really create loyal fans who engage with your band and will help promote when the track is actually released.

What’s even more useful is being able to privately share new songs with your producer, personal friends, record label and bandmates no matter where you all are in the world. No more bringing everyone down to the jam room or playing over the phone!

Start your new account off quickly

A new account is one that people have a hard time trusting. When your plays and followers are low it tends to make people think that you’re not any good. But you’re awesome! How can you up your plays quickly so that people stop ignoring you? A SoundCloud plays service is one way. Our cheap and easy to use services work fast and help get you noticed by those looking for the hot new artist!

Give some songs away for free

A popular SoundCloud promotion feature is how songs can be downloaded for free. Choose a few of the songs that you feel are your best and give them to fans for free. Why do this? It can be the start of your next viral marketing campaign!

When fans hear a song they like, and know that their friends can hear it for free, they’re more apt to share it with them. Once you have their attention now with that song they’ll be interested in purchasing your album, t-shirt and used sweat rags (if they’re REALLY big fans).

Engagement works both ways

You have to actively follow up on comments left behind by your fans. SoundCloud promotion is about more than sitting anonymously behind a computer. It may not seem like much to you to sit down and type out a few words. You’re just a guy doing a little work. Imagine what your fan is feeling on the other side by picturing yourself getting kudos from your own favorite musician!

Engagement also work with other bands. Find those who are in your genre and go to their accounts. Make comments on their songs, be positive when possible and offer constructive criticism if it will actually help. This puts you in front of active fans of bands like yours, all you have to do is blow them away with great music when they follow the link to your site from your comment! Easy, right?

These 5 tips should be a big help in getting your SoundCloud account up and going. With a bit of consistent work, a little bit of digital PR, marketing and some great songs you could be the next big artist to start digital, go viral and tour the world. Save me a ticket when you do!

As promised, keeping it real hip hop with my favorite track at the moment. Parental advisory on the lyrics:

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