5 Tips to Increase Facebook Likes for your Business

5 Tips to Increase Facebook Likes for your Business

Companies, brands and businesses are becoming more and more aware of the need to increase their Facebook likes. Marketing on Facebook has slowly supplanted nearly every other type of online marketing. For a small business with minimal time and resources, a well run Facebook fanpage in conjunction with a website may just be all you need. This article looks at how your business can increase Facebook likes for your business with 5 easy tips.

1. Share it on every one of your other online marketing efforts

Simple plug-ins, links and icons placed on every piece of online marketing you have will make it easier for people to find your Facebook page. Getting people to actually type in your business name and find you on Facebook takes way too long. A simple click takes no time at all!

These icons give people who are already interested you, and who find you in other ways, a way to quickly interact with you in a long lasting way. This will allow you the chance to capture their attention for longer than the time it takes them to read a page on your website, blog or email newsletter.

2. Offer a product giveaway at ‘X’ Facebook likes

A popular way to increase Facebook likes, shares and participation is with a giveaway once your page reaches a certain number of likes. People like to share these with their friends and this can increase your exposure dramatically with no effort on your end.

As an example, a friend of mine recently entered into a competition where all she had to do to win a case of wine was comment on a thread started by the business and like their page. She then shared this contest with all of her friends. I saw it and entered as well. Hey, it’s free wine!

3. Increase Facebook likes with a competition and some fun

Coming up with a competition that is fun, related to your business and incorporated well with online social media can bring in huge numbers. The most common way of doing this is with photos. Many people use their smartphone to access their Facebook page. They all have a camera built into them so posting to their account is easy.

Offer a prize of some sort and incorporate your products into the competition. Examples are ‘Best Dressed in our Clothes,’ ‘Crazy Locations with our Product,’ and ‘You and Your Friends with our Product.’ The easiest way to increase Facebook likes with this is to get people to share their contribution. That can be done with a like based voting system, they’ll ask their friends to vote for them which shares your Facebook page.

4. New businesses can use a Facebook likes service

A Facebook likes service is a way to quickly increase your likes when you’re a new business just starting out. They are not a permanent solution, you still have to use effective marketing techniques such as the ones outlined here. They are, however, a way to improve your overall online social credibility and dramatically increase your natural Facebook likes.

One of the hardest things to do in the online world is start from zero. Getting those first few likes, or if you’re a business those first few hundred likes, really are the hardest. Some struggle for months to get there. Once you have those likes and credibility things really take off. A Facebook likes service helps you get there quicker.

5. Use photos, video, gifs and other media in your posts

Using other media is the best way to increase Facebook likes and keep from being redundant. There are only so many things to write and share. Having other media to send out gives people another view of what you’re about.

Remember that this doesn’t even have to be produced by you. It can be a video you find on YouTube that is related to your business. Post it through your account and ask your audience for opinions. It can take just 5-10 minutes to do and can garner some serious social shares.

Use these 5 tips to increase Facebook likes for your business so that your social marketing campaigns continue to succeed. For more advanced tips on Facebook marketing, check out this post on listening tools for Facebook.

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