How to use Facebook cover images to benefit your business

How to use Facebook cover images to benefit your business

The cover photo is the most prominent part of your Facebook business page. It is what will create the first impression of your business. It needs to seamlessly express:

  • What you business offers

  • The type of business you do

  • An appeal to your target audience

It needs to capture attention. What makes a good cover image varies from business to business. What works for Red Bull probably won’t work so well for Apple.

Here are a few examples:


Virgin Atlantic



What makes this a great cover image?

  • It captures attention

  • The image signifies the brand. It includes the logo, a pilot and of course, the sky

  • It includes the great tagline ‘Flying in the face of ordinary’



How does Red Bull do it?

Red Bull are a whole other kettle of marketing fish. Everyone knows Red Bull is an energy drink, however, they rarely the market the drink itself. They market a lifestyle, they place products at events and they get involved in extreme sports. Red Bull are a media company before anything else. Yet, they still move a whole lot of product.

Here is the current Facebook cover photo they are using:

What makes this a great cover photo?

It represents the energy Red Bull has become known for. They often use extreme sports in their cover photos, however this one is a nightclub scene. It represents the idea of an exclusive club or group; it represents energy and a subculture – essentially all things Red Bull. The logo is included in the background and of course in the smaller profile picture.

Sharpie might be the sharpest of them all

The humble Sharpie has been marketed into legend thanks to some creative genius. A black permanent pen is a fairly dull object. Well, it was. Until some clever spark decided to market what can be done with a sharpie rather than what a Sharpie is.

Check out the Sharpie Facebook cover

What makes this so brilliant?

  • It markets directly to the people.

  • It promotes a fan each and every week and includes their picture on the cover.

  • And, it shows humor, good fun and creativity. Win. Win. And win.


The sharpie page has a wide appeal. It works across all age groups, cultures and socio-economic groups.

The Facebook cover image has huge marketing potential, especially now that Facebook has relaxed its’ once stringent rules. Your cover image may now include a bold call to action. You can literally instruct your visitors from the second they land on your page.

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