How to use Instagram to Promote Your Business Online

Instagram is a newer social media site that specializes in photo sharing. Discovering how to use instagram to promote your business is as easy as following a few principles. The principles center around the correct use of hashtags, some creativity, and with the execution of well planned events and specials.

How to use Instagram to Promote Your Business Online

Use interesting photos to promote your brand on Instagram

The simplest and easiest way to go about taking interesting photos for your brand is to always be prepared. Having a smartphone that is set up with your Instagram account ready and waiting will soon find you with more photos than you know what to do with!

Hints on where to find these interesting photos:

  • Take photos behind the scenes where people rarely go.
  • Use the Instagram filters, the right one just might make your photo ‘pop.’
  • Use a short tag line that further defines the picture.
  • Don’t be afraid to take pictures of happy customers with your products, they would love a few moments of internet notoriety!

Examine your Instagram Hashtag use

Hashtags are meant to properly categorized photos so that people may find groups of pictures they’re interested in. Try to find hashtags that are already in use to help your brand pick up some steam.

Using 2 or 3 hastags on 1 photo is quite acceptable. It may help to use a more generic one to get noticed and use your own personal one to build your brand identity alongside the generic hashtag. Choose brand appropriate hashtags, you do not want to create spam and ill will towards your company.

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Promote your business through your profile on Instagram

You must promote your business profile on Instagram the same as you would for any other platform. The basics that you want to follow are:

  • Consistently provide great information
  • Always use correct spelling and grammar to maintain your professionalism
  • Provide a clear image of your company logo right on your profile
  • Answer questions in a reasonable amount of time
  • Give your complete contact details

These little details all add up into a reputable and trusted image being presented to your audience. This increases the chances they will follow, comment, trust your legitimacy and share your photos.

The Urban Outfitters account consistently does just this. Check out their account, and this ultra-shareable post with great hashtag use:

Your fans are your greatest asset

You deliver a great product and your followers know it. If you really want to know how to use Instagram to promote your business, ask them. Get them to be a part of your brand by sharing your photos, as well as their own experiences and images. You can encourage this in a number of ways:

  • Offering to share their photos so that their own following will increase
  • Running contests with prizes
  • Having a poll or online voting system of whose photos are ‘the best’

Remember that social media is all about being social. If you’re not having fun then you’re not creating fun. If there is no fun your customers will go find it elsewhere!

Create events and online parties

This all comes down to the fun mentioned under the last heading. Personally, I prefer the term ‘online parties’ to ‘events.’ Events sound like something you go to with your mother in an old formal suit, parties sound like something you go to with your friends in a sexy new suit!

To make these parties actually happen you should:

  • Create a hashtag specific to the event, promote it weeks in advance
  • Continually upload your own photos the day of the event, be prepared ahead of time
  • Have a point to it all: are you promoting a new product release, a promotion, is it an anniversary for your company?

The biggest and best parties always have a point. From a wedding party to a birthday party, there is a focus and you will require one as well.

Using the techniques above you can continue to grow, engage and entertain the audience we find for you. Remember to have fun and you’ll have an easy time using Instagram to promote your business.

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