Incorporating Listening Tools into your Facebook Strategy

Incorporating Listening Tools into your Facebook Strategy

Social media sites are huge public rooms where people gather to discuss any and everything under the sun. Listening in on these discussions for mentions of your brand or industry is a key building block of any good social media strategy. With over 1.1 billion Facebook users logging in monthly, there’s no question which room in the social media world has the greatest potential for your business. A Facebook strategy that listens to all mentions of your brand is essential if you want to keep up with what people really think of you.

Here are three reasons that you need to have a strong Facebook strategy in place for recognizing important conversations your fans are trying to have with you.

Facebook Strategy 1: Recognize your own success

The easiest way to continue being successful is to find where you have struck a nerve with your following. The average Newsfeed is 25% filled with brands and celebrities. With all of that noise, and the apathy people have built up because of it, when someone finds your post and hits ‘Share’ you know you’ve found something that got the attention of one of your fans.

Your listening plan needs to be able to spot when your content is shared. Your fans will not always share directly from your page or even from their Newsfeed, they could just as easily do it on their own. With a proper plan in place you’ll be able to recognize all shares, find the most successful pieces and analyse why it was successful so that you may emulate it in the future.

Facebook Strategy 2: Real names means real data

With the name policy in place for all Facebook users you are more likely to have your customers existing data in your own customer relationship management platform than in any other social media platform. If they’re not already in there, be sure to add them for future reference.

This is a great benefit of using Facebook as nicknames, pseudonyms and anonymous postings are common on message boards and consumer complaint sites. This is where you can link listening in the real world with the online world. Facebook gives you real people, with real grievances which you can track and address.

Facebook Strategy 3: Sentiment analysis is important

With the tremendous potential of advertising on Facebook, especially with their recent focus on mobile advertising, you are going to reach a wider and wider audience. Having a listening strategy that includes a sentiment analysis tool allows you to discover how your customers are feeling about your brand, rather than just tracking their actions.

You can use the data gathered from this, the good and the bad, to find out what your customers are saying about you. With this raw information you can tailor your Facebook strategy more effectively and better your advertising spending with focused customer targeting.

Listening to your fans on Facebook is about more than just reading the comments and wall posts they leave behind. There are many conversations going on amongst the 1.1 billion users of Facebook, not every single one of them will be directly sent to you. A real Facebook strategy involves the three principles above, along with the basics of managing and entertaining your online community.

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