Top 5 Twitter Management Tools for Small Business

Finding ways to connect with your customers on Twitter is important for small businesses. Managing your time on Twitter takes the right Twitter management tools for your needs. The content you send out over this social media platform may be short, we all know the 140 character limit rule, but that does mean it will take a small amount of time? No! Hours and hours can be spent sorting through all your mentions, replies and hashtags if you get carried away.

How can you cut down your time spent on Twitter while still engaging with to your audience? The easiest way to do so is by finding the right Twitter management tools for your needs. Here are 5 suggestions.

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is nearly always mentioned as the top social media management tool, it is not just for Twitter. You can set up several streams of information in one place – think of them as Newsfeeds for specific pieces of information. You can have your standard new Tweets feed, a mentions feed, a replies feed and a custom searched feed featuring your hashtags. This allows you to easily track everything that is being said about your brand.

Pre-scheduling your posts is another great feature. You can sit down a day, a week or a month in advance and plan your entire social media marketing campaign. No more sitting down every single day to think of new posts, all you’ll have to do is your standard community management tasks.

The number one thing you should be wary of with Hootsuite is that it can be information overload. Be sure that you are targeting key measurements of your brand. If you try to follow everything you may end up with time for nothing!

2. TweetReach

This is a great analytics tool for those looking to begin their in-depth foray into information analysis. The most basic function of TweetReach is to tell you who is sharing your information, how many people are seeing it and who is seeing it. It is a simple little snapshot of your campaign that is great to start with.

3. BufferApp

This app integrates perfectly with Google Chrome. It adds a BufferApp bar along the top that allows you to Tweet from any webpage. What’s cool about that? You can tweet as soon as you find a cool page or blog post and not have to juggle multiple windows or tabs.

It also allows for pre-scheduled tweets. You can get a few tweets ready for the day while you’re stuck in traffic, or get them ready days ahead during times you set aside specifically for Twitter. Getting more done in bulk at one time is my number 1 time saving tip.

4. Tweriod

Tweriod‘ refers to the best period of time to publish your tweets. It analyses your followers actions and usage and recommends that ‘best time.’ Another cool feature is how well it integrates with BufferApp to optimize your buffered tweets.

5. Klout

This social media tool pulls in your information from Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Tumblr and other sites, to give you a score on your overall influence. You don’t need to look at it much more than as a guide so that you may judge how successful you are being across all your social media platforms.

There has been some criticism of Klout’s reliability as the algorithm it uses has needed tweaking. There was an uproar a year ago where Justin Bieber was higher ranked than President Barack Obama. It may have been accurate, but it wasn’t very unsettling!

What Twitter management tools should you use

The Twitter management tools that you use all depends upon your style, time frame and devices. To determine which tools best suit your needs sign up for them and test them out. They’re all free and you’re free to stop using them when you find one doesn’t work for you.

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