4 Tips on How to Create Viral Content on Twitter

We’ve all heard the phrases ‘viral content,’ ‘viral video’ or ‘viral tweet.’ They are the result of many people finding a particular piece of information, video or tweet interesting or funny enough to send to their friends. It is an ever growing snowball of people hitting their share buttons until a large section of the internet knows about it. When it grows big enough it becomes news in the offline world.

How do we create this viral content? It isn’t quite as hard as you think to create something that can spread, share your ideas and your marketing message. Here are a few tips to build your viral content campaign on Twitter.

Viral content Tip 1: Include a call to action

If you’re marketing your business on Twitter you must have a plan. Randomly sending out tweets whenever you have something to say will result in a directionless campaign. Every tweet needs to have a purpose, that purpose should be mentioned in your call to action.

What exactly is a call to action? It is the age old saying ‘ask and you shall receive’ applied to marketing. Your call to action on Twitter can be something as simple as “Please ReTweet.” More complicated can include “Please RT if you agree,” “RT for a chance to win,” and on and on.

It doesn’t all have to be about retweets. Other purposes can include:

  • asking people to follow a link.

  • asking people for their opinion.

  • posing a question for advice.

  • sending people to a poll to vote.

A call to action is your chance to direct people towards your goals. Using them is easy and people expect you to do it.

Viral content tip 2: Build your following

Having a large following on Twitter increases the number of people seeing your Tweets and therefore increases the chances you’ll go viral. Easier said than done, right? Not necessarily, there are a number of ways to help you build a Twitter following with good marketing.

For those just starting out, with few followers and low social credibility, you can try a Twitter followers service. This will quickly build your followers and attract more people to your Twitter account. How? An account with zero – 50 followers is seen as untrustworthy. People are more apt to follow an account with more people. It’s a concept related to viral content itself, more people brings more people!

Viral content tip 3: Find the right time

Common sense can go a long way when it comes to timing. When are your tweets likely best sent out when they’re business related? During business hours! A little bit of experimentation and a spread sheet will help you track when your tweets are most effective. Record what time you get a retweet, mention or comment and follow the trends.

If you’d rather go the easy route and have a program do the work for you, try a program such as SocialBro. It can analyse your Twitter community and find the best times for you to tweet. Just go to their Tools section and choose “Best Time to Tweet.” Can’t get much easier than that, right?

Viral content tip 4: Online marketing is value added marketing

Your best way to success in all things online is to add value to the lives of others. Give them great information, help them with ‘How to’ articles, give them news, give them contests to win, make them laugh and entertain your followers!

Traditional marketing techniques do not work online. This is as true on Twitter as anywhere else. People go on the internet to avoid traditional marketing. To tell you brand story, engage audiences and get noticed you have to give them what they are looking for so them come looking for you and tell other people about you.

For marketers in the online age, they have to give in order to receive. To create viral content on Twitter you must continually give things to your followers. To quote a very old saying, from a very old book: “Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.”

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