SoundCloud Marketing Advice Without the Annoyance or Spam

Effective SoundCloud marketing is probably the best chance for musicians looking to promote their music today on a social media platform to be noticed. It is used all over the world by music lovers, creators and executives who are looking for the next sound that will excite them.

At the same time, some Soundcloud users are apt to abuse the system and go beyond promoting their music to like minded individuals and flat out become annoying spammers. Here is how you can continue to market on SoundCloud without becoming a problem.

SoundCloud marketing: Avoid multiple follows

As with all things social media, take the time to consider if what you are doing would be annoying in real life. Following other musicians is a way for you to let someone know that you are into what they are doing. It is your chance to get someone to follow you back if they like your work. It is a tactic used by new SoundCloud users to build their following.

This can translate to a real world interaction of one person hearing another person speaking, joining in the conversation, and being asked to stay and continue talking. Quite acceptable. Now how would it look if someone tried to join a conversation, the other party was not interested and ignored them, but the person persisted with multiple intrusions? It would flat out be annoying! Giving people multiple follows on SoundCloud is a quick way to go from friendly, to annoying, to possibly being reported.

If you are a new user looking to quickly gain some plays and followers, try a SoundCloud plays service. You won’t annoy anyone and you’ll gain those first few followers that boost your social credibility.

SoundCloud marketing: Sending private tracks to strangers

The inbox of SoundCloud users is a private place where artists have the chance to send private tracks as a treat to their fans. This is one of those special SoundCloud marketing techniques that is unique to the platform and does a lot to promote bands. Those who use it well take ordinary fans and turn them into super fans, the type who have all your albums and your pictures up in their locker.

Sending out private tracks to strangers can be risky. You have to be sure that the person wants what you have, and even then you have to do it personally and one to one. No one wants to see that they’re getting an exclusive sneak peak at a new track – along with 10,000 other people! If you want something to be special you, as the artist and marketer, have to make it special. Sending a form letter with a song attached to 10,000 people isn’t special, it’s spam!

SoundCloud marketing: Numbers do not defeat music

Numbers do not rule the music business. Okay, maybe in the boardrooms they do, but fan to fan numbers don’t matter. Sending 10,000 emails doesn’t get you anything if your open rate is low while it turns off fans that you could earn the old fashion way – with hard work. Spam is a minor gain, high potential loss, kind of game. It is not one which is recommended to be a part of anyones SoundCloud marketing plan.

If you need help finding real ideas on how to gain popularity on SoundCloud, try this article with 5 SoundCloud promotion tips. It has the good old fashion advice on hard work and proper use of this exciting social media platform.

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