Twitter Marketing Strategy: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

The mistakes made by many online marketers, over the years that social media has been in use, should help pave the way for those looking to maximize their future marketing strategy efforts. The marketing strategy you decide on for Twitter should avoid these errors. These mistakes are easily avoided, especially if you take the time to read this article and find out what they are.

Presented here, in no particular order as they are all equally valuable, are the 5 Twitter mistakes you should not make in your Twitter marketing strategy:

1. Breaking your terms of service

This is the one that can land you with a closed down account. Imagine all the work you’ve put in, all the hours, all the fans you’ve attracted to your Twitter business account and all the fun you’ve had with your community, that will go to waste because your account was closed down or suspended.

This costly Twitter marketing mistake usually involves a violation of terms such as:

  • abusing other accounts with spam and excessive sales pitches

  • abusive language

  • using trademarked names and phrases without permission

  • choosing an inappropriate name

Not only can these actions cost you your account but they can also cost you Twitter followers! Losing access to your account and having it reinstated much later can leave you in a low place with fewer fans. To get your numbers back up, and regain the social credibility you lost, try a Twitter followers service. You can also try this advice on Twitter marketing strategy.

2. Spamming the Twitter community

You want to promote your product. That’s why you have a Twitter marketing strategy in the first place. The best way to go about promoting your business and products is by showing your expert knowledge in the field you’re in. Do this by providing useful information to your potential clients.

The Twitter mistake you can make here is by only ever talking about your products. Making hollow claims about how great they are is another mistake. Effective social media marketing strategy is value added marketing, be sure that each tweet you send out adds value to the lives of your followers.

3. Your Twitter marketing strategy must incorporate regular tweets

This mistake is easy to avoid in your marketing strategy, all you have to do is keep working! If you don’t have the time every single day to schedule new tweets, then take one day a week to plan them out using a tool such as Hootsuite. If you don’t like it, try any of these Twitter management tools.

Remember that if you ignore your Twitter account, so will your followers. Tweet regularly to keep them engaged.

4. Not responding to feedback

Would you ignore someone if they came up to you at your place of business and asked you a question? Of course not! So why make this marketing strategy error on Twitter? There is a lot of give and take in the world of social media marketing. There is, in fact, the recommendation that you give more than you take! A ratio of 80% listening to 20% talking is what successful online marketers follow.

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Also, do not delete negative comments. This can lead to a backlash as anyone can take a screenshot and call you on your questionable marketing strategy practices. Address the concern publicly with the critic, take the discussion to private messages or emails, and make sure that you correct the issue to the best of your ability – that is a tried and true marketing strategy in any context.

5. Having a bad Twitter account manager

You must be careful of who you choose to employ your Twitter marketing strategy, and you must continue to follow up with them. Your marketing strategy should have goals attached to it, is your Twitter manager meeting these goals? Are they properly protecting your brand image and telling your brand story appropriately?

Periodical assessment of this is a vital component of any social media marketing strategy. Set out guidelines, make your Twitter manager aware of them, and track your success.

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