What Snoop Dogg can Teach You About Growing your Twitter Following

The stars of the music world today can’t get by with just a catchy song (although it still helps quite a lot!) if they want to succeed. They need to use Twitter, and other social media platforms, to interact with their fans. If you want to grow your Twitter audience you can learn from the greats of the pop culture world and emulate their success.

You’d think an icon like Snoop Dogg wouldn’t need social media to keep his fan base. After 20 plus years in the game, 30 million albums sold, concerts sold out from New York to Cape Town, and a name that everyone knows, you’d think he could just sit back and relax. This isn’t the case in the modern music business and it isn’t the case for your business either.

What Snoop Dogg can teach you about growing your Twitter following

I follow Snoop on Facebook and Twitter. What he has done to keep me around as a fan are the same things that you can do for your fans. You may not keep it gangsta, or throw up West Coast gang signs, but you can engage with your audience in appropriate language for their needs and interests.

On Twitter, Snoop is well known for personally interacting with fans. He does this in a number of ways, here are some examples that you can use:

  • responding to messages on his own tweets

  • participating in ‘ask Snoop’ style sessions

  • arranging contests that asks users to use hashtags specific to his site and brand

  • speaking in his own voice, not a PR/label controlled one

This type of interaction promotes continued interest from his Twitter following. His followers, with their interest and genuine desire to see Snoop succeed, also help to promote Snoop by hitting the ‘ReTweet’ button and talking him up with friends.

How Snoop uses Twitter to promote himself

It has almost come to the point where I personally find out about upcoming Snoop Dogg concerts on Twitter and social media before I find out anywhere else. This is key for brand evangelists that follow your company. They feel as if they have exclusive information and they quickly share it with friends to be the first with the next ‘scoop.’

This is a vital aspect of Twitter promotion that should not be overlooked. You will develop a group of fans who want to know what you are up to. Perhaps they’re also in the industry you are in, maybe they have interests in their personal life that blend with your business, or maybe they’re repeat customers who believe in you. Pleasing them with brand new information makes them feel like they are a part of your business. This builds loyalty, awards fans who pay attention to you and grows your Twitter following.

In short, Snoop uses his fans to help him promote himself. What will your fans do for you if you give them new, relevant, and exciting information?

Create memorable moments to drive your Twitter following

Something that Snoop is great at, that can work with your business, is creating memorable moments that stick in the minds of his Twitter followers. My most memorable Snoop moment on social media? During a recent Christmas season he sent out a photo of himself in an ugly Christmas sweater, complete with a big frosty snowman smoking a pipe, while Snoop had a Santa Claus hat on his head. I couldn’t help but laugh and share it with my friends, I wanted them to laugh too!

Snoop Dogg entertains his Twitter following

This move also had crossover appeal as Snoop was wearing this ugly Christmas sweater thanks to a video promotion with Pepsi, the exact kind of thing that will get uploaded onto YouTube and watched over the holidays. This kind of cross promotional appeal, between Twitter and YouTube, can be created with just one picture at the right time.

How can this benefit your business? Your brand can do this by being personal with a consistent brand spokesperson. This photo with Snoop was funny because I know the rapper with the gangster past. Your business can play off of what you’re known for to create memorable moments that make people laugh, make them think, and best of all, make them and their friends remember you!

Need some examples to get you going? Try these:

  • The CEO telling a joke

  • office pranks

  • local interest stories

  • new product launches shown off with impressive demonstrations

Grow your twitter following the Snoop way

You may not grow a Twitter following as large as Snoop’s (although using our Twitter followers service will help), and you may never become an icon in your industry, but you can easily apply the same online marketing principles as the DoggFather to achieve success.

Be personal, start exciting discussions, share information to make your closest followers feel special, and create memorable moments. You’ll be well on your way to growing a great Twitter following with those tips in mind!

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