Advertise your YouTube Video to Drive Traffic and Conversions

Making a fun, engaging, informative or inspiring video on Youtube is a great start, but doing just this alone won’t bring in the audience you want. Your Youtube videos need to be promoted just as hard as anything else you’re trying to get people to view. Fortunately for you, the internet provides many opportunities for you to advertise your YouTube video and create that viral sensation.

Here are 5 important ways that you must advertise your YouTube video to get all of the views, comments and attention you want. Video marketing is hard enough, take these extra steps towards success, and send me a thank you note when you’re rolling in YouTube money!

Advertise your YouTube video tip #1: Use social media

Create tweets and status updates for all of your social media sites that mention your video, be sure to include a link directly to the video. Not only does this advertise your YouTube video to your fans, but it allows them to hit that all important ‘share’ or ‘retweet’ button that turns your video into a worldwide phenomenon.

Here are the ways to do this with the 3 most important social media sites:

Facebook: Paste the URL for your video into your status and it will be shared in your News feed, and the News feed of all your fans and followers. They can play and watch the video right there on their News feed page.

Twitter: You can embed videos like you see the Devumi Gorilla doing below. Mixing these in with photos and regular text based tweets can create an exciting and vibrant presence on Twitter. You’ll get more plays, more retweets, and more followers.

Pinterest: Allows you to pin YouTube videos on your pinboard. Others can easily repin it to theirs and spread the word quickly that way.

Advertise your YouTube video tip #2: Write a post on your blog

Your blog is your opportunity to talk about anything you want, be sure to talk about your other exciting social media pursuits – including YouTube. Write a dedicated post that mentions your new YouTube video, either include a link, or embed the video directly into the post or both!

Using WordPress, embedding YouTube videos is incredibly easy. Get the URL for the video, copy it, paste it onto a line of its own. Don’t hyperlink the text. It’s can’t get much easier, check out how well it works:

I just suggested promoting your videos in a blog post, and then promoted one of our videos in that same blog post. How …meta.

Advertise your YouTube video tip #3: Include it in your company newsletter

This can be an exciting way to spice up the content of your newsletters. An embedded video breaks up all the text while still telling your brand story. Newsletters and email marketing tactics are still surprisingly effective at creating conversions. Keep them interesting with video, and advertise your YouTube video!

Advertise your YouTube video tip #4: Traditional PR hasn’t gone away

Sending out press releases, contacting important trade journals and specific news outlets, and other blogs is still important. Do this for your most important and informative videos to be sure that you’re not wasting your time or these busy people’s time.

Be sure that your press release has a link directly to the video, and put it right at the beginning so that it isn’t lost deep in the text.

Advertise your YouTube video tip #5: Use Google’s Adwords for Video

Take a look at the amount a Google’s Adwords for video will cost, and how many viewers and conversion it will bring in. Advertising is a routine cost for all businesses, PPC (pay per click) advertising is a successful new form of advertising and using it specifically for people who are searching for videos can bring in brand new viewers to your video, and new customers to your business. This is your chance to reach far beyond your normal circles and bring in all new traffic to your YouTube channel and invite them to your other sites.

Getting your first few views can be the real challenge. When you have videos that just will not take off it can be because of that dreaded number staring your in the face – zero. If you’re using the above tips and nothing seems to be getting you the numbers you want, try out our YouTube Views service to kick off your video views, and then give it another push with the above advertising methods. Using both the views service, and the advice above, can take your video places you’ve never even thought it could reach!

Having a successful YouTube video starts with people seeing it as already successful, no one wants to watch a video that no one else is watching. This is one way which you can boost your views and drive even more to come to you, and should be done in conjunction with the above tips on advertising your YouTube video.


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