Twitter for Business: Lessons from Social Media Managers Who Have FUN

To all you new users out there looking to use Twitter for business purposes, I want to show you how it can be fun. What? Business…and fun? Yes, the new world of social media marketing is at its best when it is about fun, you can get your customers smiling like the girl in the header image!

Look at the success of the classic Old Spice commercials that everyone knows. They weren’t successful because everyone all of a sudden wanted to smell like Old Spice (although who can blame them? I’ve used their deodorant for 20 years and the ladies LOVE IT), they became popular because it was FUN.

The Tesco Mobile saga on Twitter

A prime example of social media managers who had fun, built their brand recognition and won over a few customers happened during an exchange that could have ended with a simple ‘Our apologies, we’ll contact you with vie DM.’ But things got a bit more…interesting.

It all started when @Riccardo Esposito sent this to @Tescomobile:

Tesco mobile saga twitter for business

The Tesco Mobile saga begins innocently

The conversation that ensued went a bit…off script.

Tesco responded: “She’s clearly going through a rough time in life.” with a hint of sarcasm.
Riccardo responded: “I know either that or sh*t is going insane! There is nothing wrong with tesco mobile”
Tesco replied: “Together Riccardo, we’ll make this world a better place.”

This is when things got weird as references were soon made to Batman and Robin, the song ‘Ain’t no Stoppin’ Us Now,’ drinking tea and how Tesco liked their tea (with two sugars). Far enough, right?

Wrong. @Yorkshiretea, @RealJaffaCakes, @CadburyUK and @PhileasFogg all got in on what turned into a big party they were going to ‘plan’ that included knee slides and a discussion on whether Jaffa Cakes were cakes or biscuits.

It got weird, it got many people involved and everyone had FUN. Best of all, I developed a serious hankering for Jaffa Cakes.

You can read more about it here.

The T-Mobile and AT&T saga on Twitter

This example started out with @RamblingRooney calling out his current service provider, AT&T (@ATT) for charging him extra for overseas data on their Twitter account:

AT&T and T-Mobile, twitter for business

AT&T and T-Mobile fight it out over overseas data!

The ensuing tweet exchanges weren’t as fun as the Tesco Mobile conversation, but featured hard jabs between T-Mobile and AT&T, and even included an appearance by the T-Mobile CEO, @JohnLegere! For a CEO he has a surprisingly entertaining Twitter feed, other CEOs should take note! Read the whole exchange here.

The clear winner of this Twitter discussion was T-Mobile. @RamblingRooney wound up switching over to T-Mobile. T-Mobile gained a new customer, created a bunch of content that showed their clear advantage over a competitor and had FUN with their customers.

Twitter for business, Twitter for fun

When you’re using Twitter for business purposes you don’t have to be stiff, boring or factual. Definitely promote your specials, use business oriented hashtags, address customer concerns in the fashion we’ve discussed before, market effectively – do all that. It is definitely important.

But in order for anyone to ever pay attention to you, to want to interact with you and actually check out your tweets, rather than scroll past them, you’re going to have to talk to people on their level. Best of all this means that you CAN have fun, make tasteful jokes and even have a spar with a competitor – as long as you KNOW you’ll come out on top and look professional, don’t end up looking like AT&T at the end of their saga…

Check out Buzzfeed for their usual silly coverage of the Tesco Mobile saga.

You know that Devumi Gorilla is always goofing off on Twitter:

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