The Top Four Social Media News Channels on YouTube

My editor forces me to watch YouTube videos about social media against my will. I’d rather be watching Beyonce’s new videos on repeat, but I do have to get some work done… When I do go and get some work done and take some time to study the social media channels on YouTube to see what’s going on, here are my:

Top 4 Social Media News Channels on YouTube

1. Social Media Pessimist

social media news channel social media pessimist Social Media Pessimist is an irreverent look at social media trends and topics which can be quite useful. The fun twist is of occasionally reading out YouTube comments that are demonstrative of “how ungodly annoying everything on the internet is.” The most popular video on the channel is “The Real Story Behind ‘The Fox’ by Ylvis.” Which, as you can guess, is pretty silly.

This channel may not be the most technically inclined, but it will show you a thing or two about what is going on around the web, and entertain you as well. This can be your social media news channels for when the boss is coming by and you want to make him laugh about work.

2. Beyond Social Media Show

social media news channelBeyond Social Media Show takes a slightly more serious look at how social media developments are changing the behavior of brands, consumers and society. Their most popular video looks at how sex doesn’t sell in Israel, and Amtrak’s recent joining of Instagram. It’s safe to say that they take a slightly more serious approach than the channel above.

They are one of the more successful social media news channels because they frequently live stream their podcasts. There’s nothing like that live feeling, like you’re their and participating. These podcasts are then archived for later viewing. They have a variety of hosts to keep things fresh and are sure to hit on hot topics in the news that are related to social media.

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3. Social Media Examiner

social media news channel on youtubeThe Social Media Examiner channel is an extension of the very popular social media magazine’s website. As one of the leaders in the social media news genre, they have tremendous access to experts in the field and give them a venue to speak to you. Their wide variety of guests keeps things interesting. This makes it one of the best social media news channels as you have a great opportunity to learn something new from many different viewpoints.

Their most popular video looks at the top marketing tips for the updated Facebook pages. They have great graphics and their videos are produced very well. The information is top notch, but it can be a bit dry at times. This is the channel you send to your boss when you need to convince him that you’re not watching the new Beyonce videos when you have your earbuds in.

4. Moz

social media news site MozMoz is the new name for the very familiar SEOMoz. They are quite possibly the most well known SEO software company in the world. This is largely due to how successful their social media news blog has been. Which, modest cough, I’ve been featured on.

They have continued to increase their social media presence by starting their “Whiteboard Fridays” series on their social media news channels on YouTube. These weekly tutorials cover all kinds of social media topics and are done by experts in the field as they stand in front of, you guessed it, big whiteboards. These whiteboards don’t stay white for long as they are covered in writing, this can be helpful for those who like a little bit of visual learning along with auditory.

They also do silly and fun videos like songs, an employee first day video and other slightly off the wall behind the scenes type stuff. Their most popular video is, unfortunately, the ‘Harlem Shake – Moz Edition’ video. Remember that craze? I don’t. I avoided it on purpose.

What can we say about all four of these social media news channels

The four channels above represent a wide range of ideas, opinions and presentation. Each one will give you the news on social media in a slightly different way – some more formal, some less formal. It should be a good list that keeps you entertained, informed and are great to have open in another tab on a Friday when you’d rather watch the videos of a certain singer…

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