What are the Pros and Cons of Buying YouTube Views?

There are a number of start up companies all over the world who are buying YouTube views for their video content. They do this because, honestly, what video are you  going to be more likely to view when you’re scrolling through your search results:

  • The video with 100 views
  • The video with 10,000 views

If you’re honest with yourself, you’d likely say the more popular one. This type of value is known as social credibility. The video with more views looks more credible in your eyes as it has had more people view – the whole world is a popularity contest. Viral videos are, of course, famous for being famous once they reach true viral status.

What are the Pro’s and Con’s of Buying YouTube Views?

The pro’s of buying YouTube views

 1. More views from these services leads to more views from legitimate sources. This is advertising through perceived popularity, if you can get someone’s eye with a video view number as they scroll through their results you can get them to watch your video.

2. YouTube base a part of their search result algorithm on the number of views your video has. More views equals a better ranking, a better ranking equals a better chance of your video catching on and going viral.

3. Videos have a hard time catching on when they are first uploaded. Unless you’re a celebrity with an army of fans who are ready to spread your video around you may never get any attention. With your views going up steadily once the service kicks in, your video has a better chance of being noticed by real viewers.

Here’s a side by side comparison for you. The first video I’ll show you has 500,000+ views. The second has 30,000+ views. Which are you more likely to click on when you see them on the results page with those numbers next to them?

To be fair, the kid in that second video is kinda weird…

The con’s of buying YouTube views

1. If caught, particularly when using a poor service with no history, you risk the chance of being penalized by YouTube. This happens to a very small number of people that wind up purchasing their views at a bad provider.

2. Your viewer statistics become slightly skewed. If you’re looking purely for viewer statistics to judge your success, instead of all the other options out there, your data will be slightly off. If you’re able to know how many you have purchased you can subtract that from the number. Even that isn’t exact because you won’t likely have an exact timeline of when the purchased views came into effect and when your organic views started happening. Working with your service can solve this.

3. These purchased views are not from people who want to buy your product. These are either bots or paid employees, neither will purchase your product. This can lead to a skewing of your numbers on conversions from video views. Again, if you do a little bit of subtracting from knowing how many you purchased, you can get a more accurate number. You may never know 100% exactly where you stand.

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When you should buy YouTube views

The point of buying YouTube views is to speed up real people finding your content. If you produce great videos, do your SEO work and have a lot of patience, people will find your videos and watch them.

If you have a timely video that needs to be seen NOW, buying a few YouTube viewers to move the video up the ranking through the popularity algorithm (and people’s perception of your social credibility) can be of benefit. Be sure to weigh the positives against the few negatives, be realistic about what it can achieve and make the decision which is best for your company.

If you think that buying YouTube views are for you, please check out our service on our website. If you’re still undecided, give this article another read and get in contact with us and we’ll answer your questions.

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