The Best Twitter Posting Times for Increasing Engagement

I recently read an article over on Huffington Post by Belle Beth Cooper. She is one of the people behind BufferApp, a social media sharing platform that many people use for managing a large number of social media websites from one dashboard.

In her article, she gives statistics for a wide range of websites that BufferApp works with. I am going to focus on what was said about Twitter so that you don’t get lost in all that other content.

The Best Twitter Posting Times for Optimal Engagement

Twitter is all about Click Through Rates

Click through rates (CTR) are the rate at which people click on a link in one of your tweets to go to a page outside of Twitter. This is important for your business because no one actually sells things on Twitter. It’s a social media platform that people use to lead them to other pages. These pages can have further information, or be actual sales landing pages. Having a high click through rate is perhaps one of the most important metrics on Twitter.

The highest time for click through rates? Weekends! This correlates directly to the majority of people having weekends off to have a poke around their Twitter account, read more and maybe do some shopping after a hard week at work. The worst day for click through rates? Monday! By far!

Matthew, come on, I don’t work on weekends! How do I get these tweets out so I have time for myself!

First, you could hire a social media manager. If you don’t have the cash to hire someone, I have talked about time saving Twitter apps (BufferApp is amongst them) before, with them you can schedule the right tweets for the weekend – tweets that encourage click throughs.

Ok, so those are the best days, but what about the best time during the day for sending out tweets that drive CTR? Noon, during lunch hour when people sit down and pull out their phones, and 6pm when it happens again, are the best times. Part of this 6pm traffic can also be attributed to, well, traffic during the commute home.

What about the best Twitter posting times for engagement

We all love click through rates that are high, but engagement is what keeps people looking at your tweets and paying attention to you. The study found that engagement went up during the week versus the weekend.

This basically means that people are more apt to make a quick comment and move on, rather than click through and get really involved, during the week. With 14% more engagement going on during the weekday than the weekend, plan to send out tweets that lend themselves to engagement:

  • Ask questions of your followers

    Tweets that make you go ‘Hmmmm.’
    Photo credit to Hobvias Sudoneighm

  • Take polls
  • Talk about interesting and controversial current events related to your industry
  • Share memorable content (photos are great) that doesn’t need a link

Take the time to discover what your followers find interesting, and what gets them talking. Do this by analyzing the engagement of your competitors at first, once you have data from your own tweets can accurately discover what your followers care about.

What is the best time for tweets that you want shared?

The retweet button is the one that is going to find new followers for you every time one of your current followers decides to share your content with their friends – this is the true power of mobile as their friends tell their friends and on and on until things go viral.

It was found in this study that the general trend is that retweets:

  • Peak at the 5pm – 6pm time.
  • They are at the lowest around 6am and really begin to rise in frequency at noon.
  • They hit their peak at 5pm and slowly dropping off again.

However, an hour by hour analysis shows a sharp and brief decline at the 7pm – 8pm time, before going back up again from 8pm – midnight. This after business hours problem can again be solved by a Twitter management tool that sends tweets out after hours automatically.

What have learned from these Twitter posting times data points?

We’ve learned that there are certain best Twitter posting times for certain messages, and for specific intentions. What you need to think about is the goal of each tweet that you send out:

  • Those that are for engagement, speaking with your followers, need to be grouped together and sent at the best time for that.
  • Tweets that are meant for sharing should be grouped together and sent at the best time for that.
  • Getting click throughs, the goal of any Twitter campaign, is a key statistic you should track. Make sure that your tweets which are meant for this important goal are sent out when they will be best shared.

Follow the advice presented above, track what you find, and adjust if needed. Your audience may differ from the ‘broadstroke’ approach taken here, but this is sure to be a good place to start! Having a high number of Twitter followers is great, and easy to achieve with our Twitter followers service packages, but an engaged audience that truly cares about your content is the true worth of social media.

Here’s one of my favorite high engagement tweets from the year so far:

Feature image credit to FutUndBeidl.

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