Key Marketing Moments on Twitter: The World Cup is on Now!

Twitter is the fastest moving social media platform in the world. The strength of it isn’t so much in your target market, but finding your target marketing moments. This idea was first introduced to me by Stephen McIntyre, the Managing Director of Twitter, at the Dublin Web Summit in 2013. He put it quite simply when he said:

“Brands don’t have target markets, they have target moments.”

The World Cup 2014 is the current target moment

If you think that the concept of marketing moments on Twitter is about having random ideas right in the moment, you’re wrong. This idea is about being prepared for moments. Planning for moments. Having content specifically for big moments that are approaching. marketing moments: who will hoist the world cup trophy in 2014?A perfect example of this is happening right now: the FIFA World Cup 2014. It is set to be the biggest event on social media ever, and you can get in on this month long event if you get to work now.

With the tournament underway, your best bet now is to focus on key aspects of the matches. If you’re country is in the tournament, start a ‘guess the score’ contest on your Twitter. Add a hashtag that connects the conversations, and you’re on your way to marketing to the moment on Twitter!

For the finish of the tournament, you know that there is going to be a winner. A congratulatory tweet with an image that has your brand’s logo on it will get a few views. Hashtagging it with a World Cup hashtag is how your company can show it’s appreciation for the beautiful game, and gain a little exposure. All you have to be is prepared for the final, with two images ready for either winner.

This approach also works great with Twitter’s new push for more visual tweets. Tweets that contain images are retweeted and favorited much more often. Do yourself the favor of having one ready.

Use marketing moments to be proactive

To many business use Twitter for reactive marketing. They see something happening, they  try to catch on and join in – and are likely too late to the party. As I said, Twitter is the fastest moving social media platform. To be noticed you have to be prepared in advance.

Look at your Twitter feed right now. What you likely see is messages from the last hour at most. There’s no time for you to see what’s happening, have a marketing meeting, and post something – the moment will have passed you by already!

Planning for a big marketing moments like the World Cup can help you go viral on Twitter

market to the world cup moment on twitterTwitter is where people go to react right this moment about the big things in life. They’re going to be on it ranting about goals scored, bad referee decisions, injuries, and everything else that happens on a pitch. Planning for these marketing moments, and making them relevant to your business, is a way for you to sustain success after using our Twitter followers or retweets services, and fully maximize the marketing moments on Twitter. Try thing like:

  • Big Goal specials where the first person to tweet at you with the name of a scorer during a particular match gets a discount.
  • Images of famous players that you send out when they score a goal. Be careful of copyright issues, but add your logo and see if you can get some retweets.
  • Include World Cup images and mentions in your image header.
  • Tweet out your own thoughts on the events that just happened!

Your last step when marketing to the moment is to look at how effective your messages were. Find out what worked, what was ignored, and what you can learn for the next big event. Personally, I’d start planning for MLB’s World Series in October as soon as the World Cup is over!

Feature image and Heart balloon taken from Pixabay user Stux.
Spanish victory picture taken by Anthony Stanley.

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