How to Lose Followers and Alienate Twitter: Four Social Media Mistakes

When it first began, Twitter was a nice place to hang out, post quick messages and connect with people everywhere. Since your business got online, it has become a place to promote your brand and grow your online profile. But what social media mistakes are you making on Twitter?

The personality that your brand will begin to convey over Twitter is important. Do you want to be the informative and friendly voice, or the grumpy and obnoxious neighbor who shouts at anyone passing by? I hope that isn’t difficult to answer.

How to Lose Followers and Alienate Twitter: Four Social Media Mistakes

You’re nowhere to be found

an empty account is a social media mistakes

Empty account? Whateverrrr

There are two social media mistakes that you can make under this heading.

First, you don’t have a Twitter account at all. People are talking about you, mentioning you, complimenting you, trying to get hold of you, and you’re completely oblivious!

Second, you have one but you don’t use it. Believe it or not, this is even worse than not having one at all. Infact, out of all the social media mistakes you can make, this may be the worst.

Those that find your handle and start tweeting to you are going to feel ill will towards you when you don’t reply. Those that send tweets looking to lodge complaints, or just speak with you, who are ignored will likely be even angrier when they don’t receive a response.

You are antisocial on your Twitter account

Ok, so you do post regularly with interesting content. Great. But now you have to engage with your Twitter followers. If you post a story and someone has something to say about it, reply back. No one likes talking to a blank wall, engage and share opinions with your followers or they’ll go somewhere to speak with someone else.

Twitter is perhaps the most immediate of all the social platforms. People expect replies within a short amount of time. This isn’t a ‘follow up on it a week later’ social platform. Taking that long is a sure way to look antisocial. It may be time for you to shift away from using your time posting lots of content and instead look at using that time to listen to and respond to your followers.

Your Twitter account has no relation to your brand’s message

social media mistakes facepalm


You’ve gained some followers, or used or Twitter followers service to quickly grow your base, but you don’t have any direction. Examples of not having any sort of brand message on Twitter includes:

  • Not having your own hashtags
  • Having no visual tags (logos, original images) that identify you
  • You don’t establish your expertise
  • You have no ‘voice,’ you’re just posting someone else’s content

If all you do is present a bland, lifeless image to the people who follow you…why would they bother continuing to listen? I know, you could argue that Yanni makes bland, lifeless music and he has plenty of fans, but social media doesn’t correlate to boring music fans.

You fail to post any original content

It takes time and energy to get your Twitter account anywhere. The biggest social media mistakes people make is thinking that you can push the ‘Retweet’ button and share articles all day and you’ve done your job. You haven’t.

You need to tweet out the blog posts you write, include infographics you create, tweet out pictures that you take, and say original things that establish you as someone who is trustworthy. If people wanted someone who just tweeted out someone else’s news, they follow a news aggregator like AllTop. What they want, what they’ll follow, is you. Give it to them.

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