Do You Need a YouTube Video Strategy for Your Business?

If you’re wondering whether or not you need a YouTube video strategy for your business, read this article to find out not only the emphatic “YES!,” but the how and why of it. YouTube is a tremendous opportunity for marketers, brands, and individuals with big egos. Let me show you how to make the most of it.

Do You Need a YouTube Video Strategy for Your Business?

Too many business see YouTube as that goofy place where Smosh, Katy Perry, and silly cats rule. While those are popular, YouTube has plenty of room for you to carve out your own audience. Why’s that? There are more than 1 billion unique users who are visiting YouTube every month. Those 1 billion people are watching 6 billion hours of video.

If those numbers astound you, it only proves that you’re human. What you have to see in all of this is that somewhere, in those 6 billion hours of video, is someone who you can appeal to. Or, if you’re ambitious, there are thousands of people you can appeal to. Hundreds of thousands. MILLIONS. …I’m getting carried away.

Beyonce has an incredible YouTube video strategyThere are two other things strongly in the favor of YouTube, and that would be the two largest search engines in the world LOVE video:

  • Google, the world’s largest and most popular search engine, has a dedicated “Video” tab where you can zero in on video that you want to watch.
  • The world’s second largest search engine…is YouTube.

YouTube has visitors, it has billions of hours of video being watched, it has Google pushing it, and it’s being used more than any other search engine in the world that doesn’t start with “G” and end with “oogle.”

In short, YES, you need a YouTube video strategy. But what will it be?

How do you build a YouTube video strategy?

The first thing you must do is determine what it is your brand can do for people. How can it inform them? Entertain them? Make them laugh? Every brand has the opportunity to do this if they’re willing to really think about what they do.

To give you an example, BlendTec is a company that makes blenders. They’d have a hopeless chance on YouTube, right? Who wants to watch blenders make smoothies, they should just stick to Home Shopping Network infomercials.

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Think again. Their Will it Blend? campaign has seen them reach hundreds of thousands of viewers as they take their blenders to the extreme. They looked outside the standard marketing repertoire and reaped huge benefits…and maybe ruined a few perfectly good blenders along the way.

What else can a YouTube video strategy incorporate?

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 10.40.00 AMIf you’re still stuck, or unable to get your views going for some reason, you can try our YouTube views service to get things going.

Your next step will be to consider what you think your YouTube video strategy would best address of these three:

  1. Work as a customer service platform. Show customers how certain problems they call with can be fixed. They’ll watch the video and save you dealing with the call.
  2. Use YouTube as a product showcase. I don’t mean sit there and talk about how great your product is. I mean show people what it does in a variety of situations that they’ll use it for. Don’t recite statistics, or tell them what it can do: show them!
  3. Sponsor a blogger already working within your industry. This is one of those last effort situations. If you’re really stuck, borrow the audience from someone in the same industry as you. Don’t think that it will come cheap, there are thousands of YouTube vloggers making on the plus side of six-figures a year through their channel!

Your YouTube video strategy will have to be much like all of you other marketing – you will have to consider your target market. Your target market on YouTube wants to be entertained, they’ll go watch a Beyonce video if you don’t give it to them.

They want to get away from the typical commercials on TV, they’ll go and watch TV if you try that tactic. They would like to get actual information about your products, if you don’t give it to them there are dozens of review websites out there which you don’t control.

Feature image credit to Clever Cupcakes.
YouTube ‘play button’ taken from Wikimedia Commons.

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