Use Twitter Selfies as part of Your Social Content Curation

The selfie craze is in full swing, and Twitter selfies are just as prevalent as any other part of social media. Perhaps Twitter selfies are even more prevalent due to the quick nature of the 140 character social platform. If your brand believes that all of this content doesn’t have anything to do with them, and that they can just not get involved – think again.

The Twitter selfie craze can be harnessed for a powerful social media marketing campaign that truly engages your followers. Read on to discover how Twitter selfies and social content curation can impact your business positively.

Use Twitter Selfies as part of Your Social Content Curation

Social content curation is a marketing style which uses the content that your users want to make, and puts your marketing twist on it. It can harness the overwhelming power of all those Twitter selfies and turn them into a marketing message that promote your brand, and gives your Twitter followers a little bit of fun.

On top of this, you can use social content curation methods which build trust amongst your website visitors through social proof. You can do this by asking for Twitter selfies which show your customers as being satisfied, overjoyed even, with your products.

Many brands on Twitter still don’t have a strategy for using Twitter selfies, and it is hurting their marketing potential, and is keeping them from maximizing the benefit of having a Twitter following in the first place. Read on to see how you can go from a Twitter selfie to a sale.

How to use social content curation to fuel your sales and increase your trust

When it comes to using Twitter selfies as part of your online marketing, your primary goal should be that of creating trust amongst your users, and new visitors. A keen Twitter selfie campaign will be the content that people turn to when they’re looking for advice from real people on what to purchase. This will happen on Twitter as the content is posted, and afterwards if you choose to use the content on your website.

The next three steps in your Twitter selfie marketing campaign:

  1. Incentivize a Twitter selfie campaign. Use exclusive contests, photo customization offers, and name mentions on your company account to motivate people to want to post selfies to your account.
  2. Promote the campaign across all social channels, direct them to the relevant social platform, or use them all in a joint effort with Twitter.. Connecting them with a related hashtags works easily.
  3. Collect the Twitter selfies and use them as content for your website, be sure to contact those who you are using and ask for permission.

This last step can be crucial as it will be the key to building your social proof. Be sure to create links to the tweets, or embed the content via HTML so that website visitors can see that the feedback came from real people.

Establishing these links will vastly increase your trust and social proof. If your audience is currently lacking, try a Twitter Retweets package from us. We’ll help spread the message, and give the message itself more social proof as people see that it is popular and getting shared.

The other side of Twitter selfies

Talking about nothing but the hard marketing angle – using Twitter selfies as a way to build social proof – is missing a large part of what this type of campaign can do for your company. The social angle is a very powerful tool that will be put to use when you embark on a Twitter selfie campaign.

As your Twitter selfie campaign succeeds, your Twitter accounts will get busier. You’ll see more replies, favorites, shares, views of your website from Twitter – everything will pick up. The effect of a Twitter selfie campaign is two fold:

  1. It drives interest in your Twitter account while it is running.
  2. It will create lasting content for your website and other social platforms which builds social proof and trust in your brand.

To really get those ideas flowing, here are two articles on Twitter selfie campaigns. A little creativity is all you need – your selfie obsessed fans will take care of the rest!

Space selfie from Commons Wikimedia.
Girl selfie from Marketing Facts.

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