Why Would I Buy 1000 Twitter Followers?

Everyone is looking to increase their Twitter following, and there are several ways to do so. We’ve covered a number of them here under our Twitter heading at Devumi. But why would someone buy 1000 Twitter followers, or more, when there are natural ways to go about it? I’ll give a more in depth look at the practice of buying Twitter followers so that you can understand the thinking behind it.

Why would I buy 1000 Twitter followers?

The first point on why people would buy 1000 Twitter followers is because they are a new account. Have you ever saw a Twitter account with no followers? Pretty depressing, right? Unless you’re a celebrity, one of the biggest obstacles your Twitter account will ever face is getting those first 1000 followers.

This is a phenomenon known as social proof. The idea behind it is those accounts with higher numbers of followers are seen as more trustworthy and get more follow because of their higher numbers. So you can buy 1000 Twitter followers, but gain an exponential number of natural ones thanks to social proof.

Social proof is a much more powerful factor in gaining Twitter followers than you may realize, and it is the driving force behind our own Twitter followers service. We give people that little bit of extra social proof as they buy 1000 Twitter followers, or more, to give them the higher numbers that catches people’s eye.

Why would I not want to buy 1000 Twitter followers?

You can not expect the Twitter followers that you buy to be actual fans. They will rarely, if ever, interact with you. They will not buy your goods, visit your website, or write you love letters. This isn’t a bad thing as they are primarily there to boost your social proof.

If you’re planning on buying 1000 Twitter followers and then not doing any sort of social media marketing to draw fans in naturally you will not meet with any success on Twitter. Social media is about engaging your fans, interacting with them, talking to them, not collecting them like a 12 year old at the local baseball card store.

We love helping you with your Twitter marketing goals here at Devumi. Our endless articles on the topic speak to that, and our Twitter follower service is an aspect of that. Be prepared to follow the advice given out here regarding Twitter marketing if you truly want to capitalize on buying those 1000 Twitter followers.

What else should I know before I buy 1000 Twitter followers?

Your best time for buying Twitter followers is for when you’re looking specifically to meet a goal of increasing your follower count, and doing so in conjunction with a concentrated effort. If your account is dead, and has been dead for some time, and you suddenly acquire 1000 new Twitter followers, no one on Earth could believe it happened naturally.

It’s important to already be working on increasing your natural Twitter followers before buying any number of Twitter followers. This will further your case for being a legitimate and trustworthy account, rather than one that looks misleading.

How are you able to buy 1000 Twitter followers?

There are two main methods that companies use to give you the followers that you buy:

  1. Managed accounts
  2. Follow first

Managed accounts are essentially bots, software controlled accounts, that will follow who they’re directed to follow. These accounts will have full profiles and will even tweet on occasion, and will appear to be genuine. You will know that you’re purchasing from a company that has these as they will not need your Twitter password.

The follow first method is when a company gets your Twitter password, logs into your account, and follows other relevant Twitter accounts in the hopes that they will follow you back. This method largely attracts Twitter accounts that don’t listen or care very much, and it can be even more difficult to get to those 1000 Twitter followers with similar or worse results.

Before you buy 1000 Twitter followers, we all want you to be aware of the points brought up in this article. You can read more about the practice on our FAQ page, or continue reading our blog if you just want some free Twitter marketing advice!

1000 dollar note from Wikimedia Commons.
Flying fluffy Twitter bird from Marek Sotak.
Hatching Twitter bird from nishad2m8.

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