Improve YouTube Adsense Revenue Part 2: Your Channel and Marketing off YouTube

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In Part one of our “Improve YouTube Adsense revenue” series, we looked at the videos you’re producing and the ads themselves. Here in part two of our efforts to help you improve the YouTube Adsense revenue that you’re getting, we’ll looks at your YouTube channel, and what sort of marketing you can do off YouTube to drive traffic.

Improve your YouTube channel for more overall views


Having great videos is essential, but you’ll never take off unless your YouTube channel has an overall feeling of connectedness. YouTube users are going to be visiting your channel page to see what else you have to offer. If it looks unorganized, they’ll simply click on to somewhere else.

Your goal is to use your YouTube channel page to guide users towards the videos with the highest grossing ads. If you’re smart, this will already be your best content.

Customize the look of your YouTube channel page

You need to make your YouTube channel page feel like it’s truly yours. The standard YouTube images won’t cut it, you have to put in the effort to create your own branding. Be sure to:

  • Complete your profile information
  • Add your social icons
  • Create a memorable cover photo
  • Change the background color to match your overall color scheme

These are the small steps that add up to a big overall feeling of connectedness. When YouTube users feel this connection they feel like they’re a part of something big – which can lead to bigger YouTube Adsense revenue. Look at how Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’s channel clearly gets it, click on the link to see a better version as I couldn’t screenshot my way out of this:

a great header image and social icons improve youtube adsense revenue

Create short videos to hook new viewers

YouTube users have an attention span that will likely prevent them from reading to the end of this sentence. They’re much more likely to watch a video from a new user that is 3 minutes long rather than 10 minutes long. This is because they want to test out your content before investing their time.

This will likely be an ongoing endeavour as you produce videos of long and short length to keep interest amongst old and new fans alike alive.

Create playlists for your series

If you read the first part of our YouTube Adsense revenue series you would have seen a video from Smosh. That video was part of a playlist of connected videos. Doing this makes it easy for new viewers to catch up on past episodes, and even watch a whole bunch of video in a row without having to click over and over. More views, more revenue – and all you have to do is organize the content you already have!

Ask for comments and address them in future videos

You’re going to have to ignore the most hate filled YouTube comments, but asking for comments and then addressing them is a sure way to grow an audience. YouTube isn’t TV, you can directly interact with your fans and your channel will benefit from taking a few moments to say thank you, or clarify a point raised.

A common way to do this is to have a regular series that runs on, say, Monday. You then have a follow up video every Friday that addresses any comments. More content, more people tuning in, and you’re just being kind and responding to questions!

Epic Rap Battles of History have built their channel doing just, they even go so far as to make videos when enough people suggest one, and it ALWAYS sparks debates. These debates bring people back to their channel again and again, and it pumps up their YouTube adsense revenue again and again:

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 3.43.49 PM

Video responses are on life support – CLEAR!

Video responses use to be a very common thing on YouTube. They are now losing popularity, but this is largely because new YouTube users are missing out on the community building opportunities of YouTube.

Why not share some traffic with someone else – building both of your YouTube adsense shares – by having your say on current topics. Watch Conan show you how it’s done in a silly celebrity context:


Marketing off YouTube to increase your YouTube Adsense revenue

The Internet has long been nicknames ‘The Web.” And how does a web work best? When it’s connected to many other things! Here we’ll look at what you’re going to want to connect your YouTube channel with off of YouTube for maximum YouTube Adsense revenue growth.

Use a keyword rich blog posts to promote your videos

Your blog is a much more keyword rich opportunity than your YouTube video is. Advertising your blog post in a video which is rich with keywords will help you:

  • Advertise it to fans on that platform
  • Increase your video’s SEO as it’s associated with what’s in the blog post

Your video will give you more content for your blog, your blog will give you more traffic for your video – Spiderman couldn’t spin a better web!

Social media LOVES video content

Much to this writer’s chagrin (you can tell I’m a writer because I use words like ‘chagrin’), video content is becoming more and more popular all the time. Social media users want to relax, and watching a video is an easy way to do so.

The most popular social media platforms all have different needs as far as video content goes:

  • Facebook and Google+ have great video preview generation software. You can post nearly anything and it will succeed.
  • Twitter will help you promote individual videos. Remember the 140 character count as you focus on one piece of content – don’t try to summarize EVERYTHING in your channel.
  • Instagram and Pinterest are tougher markets to crack with video. You can use Instagram if you have some great visuals to promote individual videos. If you have some great DIY type content, Pinterest will welcome you with open arms.

Watch @pewdiepie show you how it’s done in this short and sweet tweet:

Partner up with other blogs to promote your YouTube videos

Why limit yourself to just working up video responses to other videos? Taking the time to do a video response to someone else’s blog post could wind you up with them embedding the video on their page.

This works for them as they can stir up more debate on their blog post and provide increased visual content to their fans. You get some free plays to help grow your YouTube Adsense. Just be sure to let the blog know that you’re responding to them!

Another aspect of this could be using our Social Promotion Service as an add on to our YouTube views service. This will get your video in front of many interested, and real, users who will watch your video, buy your products, and even subscribe. Trying just one Sponsored Mention will show you the value of this cutting edge service that is available on all of our view packages.

Use video on your landing pages

Why limit yourself to making money off YouTube adsense alone? You can create YouTube videos that are meant to be used on landing pages. They can explain the benefits of products, demonstrate them for your audience, or just plain be fun little clips that keep people interested in staying on the landing page itself.


YouTube Adsense revenue – you can get paid

I hope that you have enjoyed our two part series on increasing your YouTube Adsense revenue. Following each step, every time you create a video, will help drive your views up, get you new subscribers, and ultimately lead to you having a bigger and bigger chunk of YouTube Adsense money coming your way.

If you’re having problems getting those first few subscribers, consider one of our YouTube subscriber services to get the ball rolling. The tips above will keep you moving forward successfully, paying off that small investment.

Euro stacks by Geralt.

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  • Josh L Rodriguez

    Wow Matthew, what an incredibly comprehensive guide. I’ve been looking into Youtube as a source of income, but I’ve got to figure out what direction I’d like to take with my videos. I do have one question though, is it better to look at Youtube as a way to monetize or a way to market?


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