Twitter Remarketing: Stay on the Mind of your Important Fans

Twitter Remarketing: Stay on the Mind of your Important Fans

Twitter has announced an exciting new way to promote to relevant users only when you use Promoted tweets, Twitter ads or Twitter lead generation cards. It’s called Twitter Remarketing, and it can help you target the users who are actually interested in your company.

I’ll explain how Twitter Remarketing works, how to do it, and do some explaining of the thoughts behind it.

What is the point of Twitter Remarketing?

Your brand wants to stay on the mind of users as you never know exactly when they might finally go “Ok, I’m ready to buy.”  Twitter has now made it so those businesses who have used promoted tweets, or Twitter cards, to remarket those tweets exclusively to those who have visited their website already. These are people who have thought “maybe I’ll buy from them” before. Twitter Remarketing allows you to target those important Twitter users.

To take advantage of this you have to create a Twitter tag and install it on your website. Here are the easy to follow steps to create a tag for Twitter Remarketing:

1. Click on the Settings gear in the top right of your profile page.
2. Select Twitter Ads from the drop-down menu. This takes you to your Twitter campaign dashboard.
3. Click on Conversion Tracking in the top of toolbar.
4. Now click the “Create Your First Website Tag” button in this new window.
5. Name your Twitter Remarketing tag, and choose which type of conversion you want. “Website visits” is what you’ll want for this example.
6. Check the box next to “Create a Tailored Audience for Remarketing Purposes.”
7. Click on the Create Tag button, this brings up a box with your tracking code in it.

The next set of instructions pertain to the most popular website builder: WordPress. If you don’t use WordPress, try getting help from Twitter on this.

Install a Twitter Remarketing tag in your WordPress website

twitter remarketing - twitter icon1. Create a Google Tag Manager account, write down or store your assigned website ID.
2. Open the tag manager for your WordPress website, click on New, and then Tag.
3. Type in a name for the tag.
4. From the drop-down menu, choose Custom HTML tag as the Tag Type.
5. Paste the generated Twitter Remarketing tag from above into here.
6. Now go to your WordPress dashboard.
7. Select the Plugins section, and click Add New.
8. A search box will appear, type Google Tag Manager in this search box and click on Search Plugins. You will see the Google Tag Manager plugin.
9. Install the Google Tag Manager plugin. Use the Google Tag Manager ID above to track your account.

If you’re not certain that this has worked, you should talk to your developer. If you went it alone, WordPress is great with helping users advance their skills.

Choose the Twitter Promoted Tweet that is best for your Twitter remarketing

The Twitter lead generation cards let you collect email address data through a single click. This is a powerful lead generation tool. This makes them ideal for a Twitter Remarketing campaign – minimal effort, maximum data collection. You’ll be ready to include them as part of your email campaigns, which is still a successful form of online marketing.

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 2.14.19 PMYou can also create Summary cards. These, as you’d guess, summarize your website and feature a link that leads them directly there. A Twitter Remarketing campaign that uses this can seriously ap up your marketing – you had their attention once, you can get it again.

Twitter app cards are another option. These are cards which use information from Google Play and the iTunes store app to fill the card out with data that users are already interested in. Add an image to dramatically increase attention – an image is worth 1000 words, and that goes a long way when you only have 140 characters.

Was this the best Promoted Tweet for me? In my eyes, no. I already have decent broadband access, and I’ve never shown any interest at all in their service. Are they wasting their marketing money? Perhaps. A Twitter Remarketing campaign would have helped them better target their potential users:

What Twitter Remarketing can do for you

We love talking about increasing your Twitter followers here on Devumi, but even more than that we want to help you put those followers to real use. What’s the point of having a whole lot of followers if they never do anything but push RT every now and then?

Twitter Remarketing is your chance to more closely connect your Twitter, your customers, and your website in a multichannel approach. If you’re already using Twitter Promoted tweets, really let it work for you with a little bit of coding, and some excellent automated data tracking.


Feature image by Open Clips.
Marketing image from Commons Wikimedia.

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