Online Music Marketing with Tweets: Twitter and SoundCloud Finally Team Up

Online Music Marketing with Tweets: Twitter and SoundCloud Finally Team Up

There have been rumors of Twitter and SoundCloud working together for months. I reported on Twitter’s interest back then, but now we know for certain that the two titans of rapid fire social media, and online music streaming, are going to work together. Twitter announced it on their blog yesterday, and SoundCloud followed up with an announcement on their own blog.

What this means for artists is that SoundCloud in now more relevant than ever. The time to pump up both your Twitter activity, and your SoundCloud content, for your online music marketing is NOW. I’ll look more at what they’re doing below.

Online music marketing is all a-Twitter

The new partnership between Twitter and SoundCloud allows artists to post music from SoundCloud directly into their tweets. Their followers are then able to listen to those songs right in the Twitter client – no clicking on links that lead you out of Twitter. This means that you can listen to the song and keep going about looking through your Twitter timeline!

Check out this tweet from one of the first Twitter users to be given the feature, David Guetta:

The feature hasn’t been perfected yet for embedding. If it hasn’t loaded properly in this embed then you can take a look at this screen shot taken from David Guetta’s timeline:

david guetta's online music marketing on twitter with soundcloud

All you have to do is click on the image and the track will play right there in Twitter. Now your songs can REALLY go viral in a matter of moments!

The online music marketing opportunities this opens up

Those who choose to use Twitter for their online music marketing, which is likely everyone, can now use their SoundCloud accounts to get real-time feedback on music, and offer their fans new content in a much more immediate way. Those who have lots of Twitter followers already will benefit, and a Retweets package from Devumi wouldn’t hurt either.

SoundCloud has never been a perfect venue for online music marketing as the songs are separate from the most popular social platforms. It isn’t like MySpace (showing my age here…) where bands and fans were side by side. This latest move by Twitter and SoundCloud puts the music directly in front of the fans, not via a link, but via a player that is right in front of them. This immediacy is its strength.

The new SoundCloud player on Twitter is, of course, not limited to musicians alone. There are a bunch of podcasts out there using SoundCloud, and here’s the absolute best one, NASA:

What sort of online music marketing can you do with the new SoundCloud feature?

This is where you can take your online music marketing and amp it up to Twitter levels. The 140 character giant excels at real-time marketing, and you can use it in a million, million different ways with SoundCloud:

  • Record personalized messages and tweet them out to promote concerts: “We can’t wait to see you tonight, Cleveland! ReTweet this message to get your friends to come to the show and we’ll melt their hearts/faces off!” “Melt their hearts” will work for R&B groups, “melt their faces off” will work for metal bands.
  • Offer fans sneak peeks of songs as you work on demos, getting feedback right then and there.
  • Responding to messages with your voice – think of the “Retweet this message and one fan will win a personal message from me” contests that you could run!
  • Go Beyonce and invent a whole new way to release an album. Maybe release one track a day as long as your retweets reach a certain number. Heck, don’t ask me how, ask Bey how to do online music marketing right.

These, of course, are but a few examples of the kind of online music marketing you can do with Twitter and SoundCloud now partnered up. Your creativity is the only limit.

As is the tradition here on Devumi when we talk about SoundCloud, here’s my favorite track on there right now. It’s a Madchild track, so there’s a lot of heart, but THERE’S ALSO SWEARING ON THIS TRACK:

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