Twitter Follower Hack: The Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Tactics to Use

Twitter Follower Hack: The Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Tactics to Use

A good Twitter follower hack tutorial must be well organized if you’re ever going to sort through the massive world that is Twitter. This tutorial is going to break your Twitter follower hack tips down into three parts:

  1. Those you do once a month
  2. Follower hacks you do once a week
  3. Daily activities

Dividing these tasks up, and regularly scheduling time to do them, is your key to getting more followers and becoming a true Twitter follower hack expert!

Twitter follower hack advice: Monthly activities

These are the Big Picture activities where you go after the important people within your industry. You may not win on every tactic every time, but when you do there are big rewards that pay off your time.

Find influencers that will spread your message

How you will get these big people that will help spread your message is by first, as you can guess, finding them! There are two main tools that you can use to do this:

  • Followerwonk – A tool from the people at Moz which helps you find influencers, as well as track data.
  • Buzzsumo – This tool looks at the most popular content online and connects it with those who are sharing it. There are often a few influential industry experts at the heart of any content which becomes popular. This tool will help you locate those influential people.

With these two tools on your side you will be able to quickly target those who can help your content spread. For those paying attention to their account, there is also the “Who to Follow” feature under the Discover tab. Here’s who the Devumi Gorilla should be following on our Twitter account: Don’t forget the old fashion way too – by looking manually. Check through the Twitter accounts of your current followers and take a look at the people they follow, or follow relevant hashtags being used in your industry. Those who you find using either technique with big audiences are your target with this Twitter follower hack.

Once you have these people it’s time to start interacting with them. First, give them a follow. This step alone can, according to Jeff Bullas’ blog (who’s totally getting a tweet about this), get around 20 – 50% follow backs without doing anything. To get the attention of those last few who don’t immediately follow you back, you’ll need to start sharing their content, retweeting their content, and interacting with them. You can do this in any number of ways.

The Devumi Gorilla likes to have some fun, this one tweet below connected with a key influencer. Who cares if it wasn’t a bland corporate message, it got the job done and @devumi now has another key influencer to work with!

Create flattering lists – The kiss up Twitter follower hack

Twitter allows you to create lists of Twitter users so that you can group them and sort through their content better. Creating a list which flatters users can get their attention as the user is notified of their being added to one of these lists. Who wouldn’t like a list notification which says they’ve been added to the “Totally Awesome Social Sellers” list?

Click on your profile photo on the top bar, choose “Lists” and scroll down to “Create new list.” This Twitter follower hack won’t work unless you publish it as a public list. This lets these users get notified about their inclusion. Now add the influencers who haven’t followed you back yet and get to work on the flattery. twitter follower hack - list   A last monthly task is to look at your Twitter follower growth and determine if it’s meeting your expectations. If not, a shot in the arm from our Twitter followers service can move your numbers up and encourage more real Twitter followers to do the same.

Twitter follower hack advice: Weekly activities

This is when you’re going to schedule the bulk of your content sharing. I, sorry, the Devumi Gorilla schedules his tweets once a week on Monday using HooteSuite. This tool is incredibly useful and versatile as you can use it for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, WordPress, and a host of others. Here is the type of content you’ll want to schedule every week:

  1. Popular content – hit those popular Twitter users from above a few times, and share content from popular blogs and websites.
  2. Photo and quotes – this is the more empty type of content that gets shares and noticed. A few good quotes may get more shares, and exposure for your Twitter account, than anything else you do.
  3. Your own content – this can be your blog posts, products, promotions, specials, and anything else that you personally create. Notice how this is listed last? That’s because it should actually be a lower priority than the two points above. Social media marketing isn’t like traditional marketing, you have to present a balance of content or you’ll be ignored as just another marketer.

You can take as much time as you want with this, but you’ll likely need at least an hour to schedule around 20 – 25 tweets for the week. Anything less isn’t a Twitter follower hack that gets you more followers with less time invested, it’s just lazy.

Find and answer questions

This last weekly Twitter follower hack activity is where you take a look through Twitter and help people with questions that are related to your industry. You can do this by either directly tweeting to them, or by tweeting your content at them. Wait. How do you find these people? Good question! There are two main techniques. The first takes place in Twitter where you use search and Twitter Advanced search to locate people with questions by using keywords.

twitter follower hack - search

Let’s say that the Devumi Gorilla is feeling ambitious and he wants to find people with questions about getting more followers. He can simply enter “more twitter followers” into the search bar along the top of Twitter and see what comes up. Here’s the first one:

When this post is done I’m going to send it to the Gorilla to tweet at this person. It will be so meta…a post about getting more Twitter followers, which is tweeted out to a person whose tweet is in the post, and the tweet asks about getting more Twitter followers is used to show how to get more…sorry…my brain just got Inceptioned…

Hootsuite can also help you find people as you can create streams of content using the Twitter search API in a sneaky way. Basically, you’ll have a live update of tweets pertaining to your search right there next to everything else. Here’s a peek at Devumi’s Hootsuite search for tweets containing both “social media marketing,” and “#socialmediamarketing.”

Devum twitter follower hack - hootsuite

Twitter follower hack: Daily activities

This is where you really get in on the grind of your Twitter follower hack activities, and do things every day that can build your Twitter account up little by little. These can be tedious to do, but following through on them constantly guarantees results.

Twitter follower hack 101: You get what you give so follow to get followed

Above in the monthly section we looked at how around 20 – 50% of people will automatically follow you back. Your first step is to get out there and follow 150 people, every single day, who could be interested in you. Follow the same steps as you were using in the monthly activity, but don’t focus so much on users who are influencers.

Follow nearly anyone who could be interested in your account. Twitter tracks how many people you follow, and have a daily limit. The numbers vary depending on how many you follow, but around 150 per day is a number that any account can safely follow.

Followerwonk, discussed above, has a tool which can help you with this, but it’s just as easy to go into the Discover tab and follow those that Twitter is recommending.

What about all those Twitter followers who don’t follow back?

Doing this every day will start to bloat your Twitter account up with people who don’t follow you back. This becomes a problem as, again, Twitter monitors your account. When your follower number goes past the 1 to 1 ratio your growth will be capped. This is done so that people can’t go out and follow thousands of accounts and become spam.

To get past this, and be a responsible Twitter user, you need to trim your followers list every day for users who didn’t follow you back, or who are inactive. This can be a nearly impossible task to do on your own. Fortunately, there are three main tools that people use to sort this out for them:

  1. UnTweeps
  2. JustUnfollow
  3. Tweepi

Each one will give you reports on your inactive followers, and those who don’t follow you back, for a real Twitter follower hack that you can use easily.

Be interactive – be real

This is a point that can’t be overlooked. If people are tweeting at you, tweet back. If people are retweeting your content, thank them. If people are asking you questions, answer them. You can’t just set up a bunch of automated content and walk away. This is social media marketing, not a magazine ad.

The more interaction you find time for, the realer you account will look and the more people who will actively engage back with you.

Photo credit to Stephen Dann.

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