Using the Twitter Small Business Planner: #SmallGoesBig

Using the Twitter Small Business Planner: #SmallGoesBig

My friends in the Northern Hemisphere can feel it – the air is becoming cool, some of you are seeing snow, and now that it’s November 12th, holiday decorations are going up. We’ll be looking at preparing your social media channels, and your small business, for the holidays this week on the Devumi blog.

First, we’ll be looking at the Twitter Small Business Planner app that was just announced this past week by Twitter. This tool will help you gear up for the holidays, and then push you all year long. Read on to join the #SmallGoesBig movement!

The Twitter Small Business Planner explained

The goal of the Twitter Small Business Planner app is to help small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) improve their Twitter marketing. It is a deliberate move on Twitters part to get more potential advertisers not only using their service, but seeing the true value of it.

The Twitter Small Business Planner app is currently available for iOS (both iPad and iPhone), as well as Android. Each version has the same twitter small business app logocontent for small businesses to succeed this holiday season, and all year long. Expect to find:

  • Cutting edge research
  • Success stories from other small businesses that can inspire your own Twitter marketing
  • Ebooks with solid information on all things Twitter
  • Blog articles with up to date information

Along with a number of useful interactive features, an essential app feature with a constantly moving tool like Twitter:

  • A calendar which is sync-able to your own personal calendar
  • Campaign suggestions that will help you meet the goal of your small business
  • Content ideas for tweets
  • Information about upcoming events for the small business owner
  • A social network built right into the app to speak with other small business owners, and the Twitter small business planner team, so you can share ideas and ask questions

Twitter did not mess around here. They have delivered a serious tool with the Twitter Small Business Planner that could help any small business owner this holiday season, and all year long. This will give you a solid foundation to build off one of our Twitter follower packages for real success.

twitter small business planner

Using the Twitter Small Business Planner


To let you really know more about this app, rather than just being a summary of other articles about the Twitter Small Business Planner app, I downloaded it onto my own iPad. The download was quick, even on my notoriously slow 2GBPS line.

It starts with a basic greeting screen, then asks for your email address where you agree to the Privacy Policy. You then choose a US calendar or a UK calendar. The difference is the holidays.

Next, you’re asked to enter your name, title, and company name. The checkmark in the top right hand corner moves you along:

twitter small business planner screenshot 1

You then go to the main screen where you have a left hand side menu full of all the resources, calendars, business planning goals, and other resources. This is where the Twitter Small Business Planner app becomes the powerful tool for a small business owner with any level of experience on Twitter.

The right hand side features live tweets from others who have the app on their device. Most of it right now is “I’m excited to use this!” type content, with some useful blog posts throw in here and there. This is the “Home Stream.”

Selecting any of the tabs on the left brings them up on the right. Starting with the “FAQ + quick tips” tab is a good idea. They go way in-depth, it would be a whole other article to explain it all.

The tab on the Twitter Small Business Planner app that I want to highlight is the “My business goals” tab. It features step by step instructions on:

  • Starting your Twitter presence
  • Doing app downloads for your business that can happen directly from a tweet
  • Guides that are relevant to follower growth
  • Obtaining emails on Twitter for your subscriber list
  • Proper engagement techniques with your Twitter followers
  • Getting more people to visit your website from Twitter

These tips are going to form the basis for all of your success on Twitter. It will show you the true potential of the 140 character social platform, and makes the Twitter Small Business Planner app the hottest download this holiday season amongst business owners!

Feature image from Pixabay.

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