Happy Holidays! The Best Holiday Ads Online in 2014

Happy Holidays! The Best Holiday Ads Online in 2014

It may be the holiday season, but I’m still here working hard to bring you some social media related cheer! The best holiday ads so far in 2014 have done their usual job of playing some holiday music, selling some great items, and even warming us up a little during this chilly time of year in the Northern Hemisphere.

Let’s take a look at the best holiday ads of 2014 and remember that today is about more than commercials. I hope you’ve spent plenty of time with your loved ones this week!


The best holidays ads of 2014

Coca-Cola – Give a little happiness

Coca-Cola seem to have permanently ingrained themselves into Christmas. Which is odd, I don’t ever recall wanting to drink Coke on December 25. From their time trying to own Santa Claus, to now where they experiment a little more, they do create some really fun ads. Who doesn’t remember the Coke Bears?

This year they went with an old song, and some heart-warming ideas and messages. Watch the YouTube video for more:

It has that 1940/50s vibe that seems to be built into their brand and available any time they need it.

The video ties in with a beautifully designed website that lets you do all kinds of exciting things. This is key to why it’s one of the best holiday campaigns of 2014. My favorite part was the wish list for someone special. Here’s one I made for that damn dirty ape, the Devumi Gorilla:

best holiday ads 2014 - devumi gorilla

John Lewis – #MontythePenguin

John Lewis went full on sweet for their YouTube video and hashtag Twitter campaign. Video first:

If you didn’t feel a little tickle in your heart after this, you’re even more cynical than I am. And I’m an online media analyst! To qualify as one of the best holiday ads of 2014, you need to be social. The video also connects to a hashtag, and an account for Mounty the Penguin himself:

best holiday ad campaigns monty the penguin

They have chosen to continue telling the story of Monty and the lady penguin he meets at the end, Mabel:

It has been a really sweet trip. I will admit though, I don’t think it has quite stirred up the traffic and sales that they’ve been looking for. Perhaps if the hashtag had a little bit more prominent feature, and if they had bought some retweets from our service to spur things on, it would have pushed it over the top.

I have to mention that my favorite part of the video is their inclusion of Canadian icon, Pingu (the penguin on the TV at the beginning).

MissGuided – Making traditional marketing non-traditional

MissGuided is a non-traditional brand. They base a lot of their marketing around celebrity craziness, partying, and saying slightly controversial things. You’d think they would shy away from Christmas entirely, but they’ve gone for it in their unique voice. Doing it their way has earned them a place as one of the best holiday ads of 2014:

My personal favorite tweet went far outside that usual tweets you see. They went ultra-sharable with Will Ferrell:

This is the kind of mega-fun you can have over the holidays when you’re a non-traditional brand.

Speaking of which, from all of us here at Devumi, including his Gorilla-ness, and regardless of what you’re celebrating this December:

happy holidays everyone

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