How to Get More Pinterest Followers Fast

How to Get More Pinterest Followers Fast

If you want to get more Pinterest followers fast on your business account, read on for 8 tips that will see your content getting followers, repins, and likes. The bonus out of all of this will be your website receiving more targeted traffic – and we all want that!


How to get more Pinterest followers fast!

The most important aspect of Pinterest is content curation. The only point of anyone being on Pinterest is to look for more content that they love to look at and share. If you have curated great content you’re much more like to get Pinterest followers fast – you’re giving the what they want!

1. Make sure your Pinterest profile that represents your business

Credibility is a big part of getting more Pinterest followers fast. Anyone can create a Pinterest account, and you want to be sure that your fans know your account is the real one for your business.

You can do this by:

  1. Making sure that your business name matches your Pinterest account name.
  2. Completely filling out your “About” section with a good description of your business. Link to your website for more credibility.
  3. Use the company logo as your profile photo.
  4. Connect your Pinterest account to all of your other social profiles. Make sure that those social profiles also link to your Pinterest account.

Doing all of this adds up to more Pinterest followers believing for sure that you Pinterest account is actually associated with your business.

2. Be an active Pinterest user

pinterest followers love contentThe Pinterest Popular board is an excellent location to hang out where there is lots of activity. Going there and commenting on the most popular pins that are related to your business is the kind of massive free exposure that your brand needs.

When commenting on these pins, keep these tips in mind if you want to get more Pinterest followers, rather than annoy people:

  • Only comment on posts 3 times a day at most. More than that and you may be marked as spam.
  • Use the names of other Pinterest users in your comments. This can help get the attention of a popular user and get them following your account.
  • Contribute high quality pins to popular group boards to show your true interest in the content already pinned.

Social media is all about showing your followers that you’re just like them. You may present a brand image, but underneath it all you’re people sharing things together. Your ability to do this in popular places, like the Popular on Pinterest boards, will greatly increase your ability to get more Pinterest followers fast.

This tactic is also an essential one to use after engaging our Pinterest repins or likes services. You have to engage with real followers on a big scale. Our service helping you look busy and engaged with will work great with this tactic.

3. Advertise your Pinterest boards on other social media platforms

Pinterest is a newer platform, especially amongst business users. Your Facebook and Twitter business account should be established by now. Exposing your followers there is a quick way to get the attention of people who are already following your band story and get them over to Pinterest as well.

To do this, try out:

  • Tweeting your pins
  • Displaying your Pinterest activity on Facebook by linking accounts
  • Adding a link to your Pinterest account in Facebook and Twitter bios

Making connections between all of your online accounts will help potential fans find the social platform they like best.

4. Assess which of your pins are popular

Once you get moving along, you’ll start to notice some pins are much more popular than others. This is your fans telling you what they enjoy. It’s your job to listen!

To easily find this popular content, type the following into your browser: domain name)

For example, the results would be obtained by typing in this: This is what came up:

get more interest followers fast


Now we can see what’s working, and can make more content that’s similar. You can find this out too!

5. It’s easier to promote boards than whole accounts

Promoting an entire Pinterest account is difficult as you’re trying to sell the abstract concept that is your brand image. Promoting individual boards, that have definitive topics, is much easier.

Take your best boards and place them along the top row of your account. This will make it easier for new followers, who come looking for the boards you’re promoting, to find them.

Pinning from these boards should be your next goal. The more you pin from a board you’re trying to promote, the more people will see it. The same goes the other way, pinning more content from other people to your already popular boards will draw people even better.

Try it it like this: Follow the Devumi Blog Pinterest board for my posts right in your Pinterest account!

devumi pinterest board

6. A Pinterest contest for more followers very fast

pinterest contest failEveryone loves to look useful on social media. One of the ways that people enjoy looking useful, and help their friends, is by sharing contests. The first step of your Pinterest contest should be to require people to follow your account.

The next consideration to get more Pinterest followers with a contest include:

  • What the prize will be. Bigger prizes lead to more Pinterest followers. You don’t have to give away your first born child, but you’ve got to give your potential Pinterest followers something worth their time.
  • Create a custom image for the content. Include your logo and business name, a good call to action with the contest instructions, an image of the prize, and most importantly the words “Contest,” or “Giveaway” in big, fat letters.
  • Don’t forget to advertise it across all social networks, and in your newsletter.

Take a look at the Pinterest contest pin to the right. See how there’s no logo on it? This could be free advertising for this business…but no one can look and see who they are!

7. Promoting your Pinterest account offline

Your Pinterest users are not faceless computer users. They’re real people who go out into the real world! You can help turn more regular people into your Pinterest fans by taking your Pinterest marketing offline. Try:

  • Putting a sign in your window with your Pinterest account URL. Smartphones are everywhere!
  • Mention your Pinterest account in newspaper, magazine, radio, and TV ads.
  • Any promotional material should include your Pinterest account details. This includes flyers, posters, brochures, media blasts, and business cards.
  • Adding ‘As Seen on Pinterest’ signs to your merchandise that is feature there.

Don’t be afraid to take you online Pinterest follower efforts offline. You never know when one sale can snag a customer for life as they follow your brand story on Pinterest!

Feature image used with license from Shutterstock.

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