Use the Twitter Discover Tab to get More Twitter Followers

Use the Twitter Discover Tab to get More Twitter Followers

The absolute worst thing your Twitter account can be is boring. I’m not just talking about how your fans see it, but how you see it as well. If you’re not engaged, and using Twitter to its full potential, your enthusiasm for Twitter will plummet along with your follower numbers.

The Twitter Discover tab is there to help you find internet new content, people, and events. You don’t have to go on a wild search all over the Twittersphere to snap yourself out of whatever rut you’re in. The Twitter discover tab is there to help you.


Finding the Twitter Discover tab

If you’re like most Twitter users, you’ve only ever looked at your follower numbers, and your incoming stream of tweets from those you follow. For most people, that’s all they want out of the platform. If you’re looking for more, to really engage with relevant Twitter users, you need to start poking around more.

The Devumi Gorilla has granted me access (at the cost of 5 bananas and 2 root beers) to the Devumi Twitter account. To start, I’ll be using it to show you where the discovery tab is on your homepage:

twitter discover tab homepage

The circled word is the Twitter Discover tab. Clicking out it will take you to the Twitter Discover tab page:

twitter discover page

Your available options on this page are Tweets, Activity, Who to follow, Find friends, and Popular accounts. I’ll look at each one next.

The Tweets tab in the Twitter Discover tab

This is a stream of the top tweets from people you follow, and what relates to them via what’s popular on Twitter overall. The goal of this tab is to show you some of the most popular tweets from all over Twitter. You’re going to use it to stay up to date on the hottest Twitter trending topics – it’s a great resource to score some quick retweets to share.

Here are the top two for the Gorilla right now:

twitter discover tab tweets page

Man, why can’t Suge stay out of trouble?

The Activity tab in Twitter Discover

This is your chance to see what goes on behind the scenes in your Twitter world. All of the tweets that people you follow are giving a ‘Favorite’ to have a home here. They didn’t find it worth a retweet, but there is still going to be lots of valuable content for you to use. Popular retweets will be here as well.

You’re also going to find out who your followers recently followed. You can find more relevant users in here for you to follow and get interested in your account:

twitter discover tab activity page

The Who to follow tab in Twitter Discover

The number one way to find more followers, and freshen up your Twitter feed after using our Twitter follow service, is to follow more new Twitter accounts. But not just any old Twitter accounts; relevant ones. The Who to follow tab in Twitter Discover helps you connect with those who are most relevant to you based on who you already follow.

Take a look at how that social media savvy Gorilla has other social media experts suggested:

twitter discover tab who to follow page

The Find friends tab in Twitter Discover is a way to use your contacts from other platforms to connect with them on Twitter. You can connect your Twitter account with:

  • Gmail
  • AOL
  • Outlook
  • Yahoo

You will be given options to follow them. This can be hit or miss, especially on brand and corporate accounts. If you have your email list connected to any of these accounts you could find a whole lot of relevant Twitter users though.

find friends twitter discover tab

I used it once and since it burrowed deep into my inbox it suggested I follow my second fiance. Ya, no.

The Popular accounts tab in Twitter Discover

This is another great place to go to find content that Twitter users are sharing. Your Twitter feed is your easiest content curation tool. Following many popular accounts gives you access to content that is trending before it happens, rather than waiting for someone else to retweet it.

As you can see from the screenshot below, it tends to be a bit biased towards geographic targeting:

popular accounts twitter discover tab


Which can be frustrating because I am not actually in France. Those VPNs, always fooling websites with changed IP addresses

Once you find a category that you do like, and that’s relevant to your Twitter account, give it a click to see everyone who is relevant to the list. It will then take you to a long stream of everyone relevant to that list, giving you many options amongst the popular accounts to find the ones which are most relevant to your account. Here’s what happened when I clicked on the ‘Secret Story 8′ category in the Devumi Gorilla’s Twitter account:

twitter discover tab popular accounts group

Using the Twitter Discover tab help you find more content and followers

As you’ve read, discovering the Twitter Discover tab can help you find new content to share with your own followers easily. Not only that, but you can increase your relevant Twitter follower count by discovering new users that are related to you. Last, it is an excellent way to stay on top of the freshest content around.

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