7 Tactics To Get Free Twitter Followers

7 Tactics To Get Free Twitter Followers

Anybody who is active on Twitter wants to get more followers, right? Whether you’re on Twitter for your personal use, or if you have business goals in mind, more followers equal greater social influence.

There are several methods for increasing your Twitter followers, but there’s nothing better than a free gift. Devumi is offering 50 free twitter followers for anybody with a Twitter account and an email address. That’s right, totally free. No credit card, no following back, no nonsense whatsoever. Just a nice little kickstart for those who have been struggling get their Twitter presence off the ground –> Get your free followers now.

You’re welcome. We’re here to help.

Of course, that’s just a start. There are plenty of other things that you can do, from buying more Twitter followers, to implementing these free tactics.


Seven Free Tactics to Keep the Ball Rolling

Once you’ve got your 50 new followers, try these 7 methods to gain some more momentum on Twitter and attract even more followers, absolutely free.


1)   Export LinkedIn contacts

You can download a .csv file containing your LinkedIn contacts from the Contact Settings page.  Note: Only the full name, email address, current employer, and position are exported. If you’re using LinkedIn to network and help promote your business, then it’s a great idea to connect with your contacts on Twitter, too. Chances are, they will at least have a personal account, giving you one more touch point for your promotional efforts.
Export Linkedin Contacts


2)   Import your email contacts

There are features built into Twitter that allow you to find people in your email address book that have Twitter accounts. Click on the “#Discover” tab, then click on “Find friends” to check your Gmail, AOL, Outlook, or Yahoo contacts to find out who is on Twitter. You will then see a list of all your email contact who have Twitter accounts associated with that email address. You can “select all” or choose just the ones you’d like to follow.
Import Email Contacts to Twitter


3)   Connect on Facebook 

Twitter integrates well with other social media platforms, and Facebook is no exception. And since many of your Facebook friends will also be on Twitter, it makes sense to connect the two. To check out this feature, go to the Settings of your Twitter account here: https://twitter.com/settings/applications
Connect Twitter to Facebook


4)   Tweets, lots of quality Tweets

Now it’s time to get some Tweets out there for other people to engage with. In the beginning, you should be actively tweeting on a daily basis in order to help new people find your account. Try to send out 6-10 Tweets per day, as well as some retweets of the people you’re following.

Share interesting articles, inspirational quotes, and attention-getting images, mentioning the users that created them. Often they’ll reply to thank you for sharing, and follow you back. This wouldn’t only get influencers and content creators following you, it’ll also help you gain exposure to their followers, as well.


5)   Hashtags, lots of relevant hashtags

Speaking of getting found, one of the best ways is to use popular hashtags that people in your niche are searching for. Don’t overdo them, but 2 or 3 hashtags per Tweet is a good number that will help you get discovered without annoying anybody.
Recipes4Living Twitter Tweet Hashtags Example


6)   Be Part Of The Conversations

This is really what Twitter does best. Jump into a topical conversation and share your opinions. Search hashtags for weekly chat schedules to find more people in your niche. Don’t be shy; speak up!

Mention others, reply to relevant tweets and joining conversations is a great way of interacting with potential followers or influencers followed by your potential followers. An awesome, free way of getting exposure for your Twitter account and brand online.



7)   Follow and Follow Back. Rinse and Repeat

This is the most obvious method, but it goes to the heart of what Twitter is all about. It’s OK—even encouraged—to follow strangers on Twitter, especially if they’re in your niche or a potential customer. And if you follow them, the chances are that 15-25% of them will follow you back (even higher if you’re an active, quality tweeter).

Though it is important to note that you shouldn’t abuse this method. While mild or moderate following / follow-backs are OK, aggressive follow-backs are dangerous and against Twitter’s Terms. Aggressive follow-backs can also look bad for brands as it’s a form of follow spam.

Free Twitter Followers


8)  BONUS: Using Social Proof to boost long-term results

shutterstock_194582135You’re already likely familiar with the concept of Social Proof - the concept that looking popular will ultimately lead to more popularity. This is especially true with Twitter and it’s one of the biggest reasons that drive companies, celebrities and professionals to buy Twitter followers. Not only does it give them a kick-start and makes them look more popular – it statistically leads to faster growth and better results all-over.

Ok, so buying Twitter followers isn’t free. You got us there. But the thing is, Social Proof can help improve the effectiveness of free tactics. Instead of using the tactics above and gaining 500 free followers in 1 month, imagine gaining 3,000 free followers as a result of your massive popularity.

You can buy more Twitter followers from Devumi here (up to half a million followers).


Stay Active and Keep On Tweeting

While some of the methods above are one-time deals, others have the potential to help you grow for the long-term. Tweeting well (#4), hash-tagging appropriately (#5) and being social (#6) are not only good tactics – they’re a way of life on Twitter. Once you’ve gained a few hundreds or even half a million followers – you should never stop or neglect tweeting. Staying active and being awesome is the most important thing you can do on Twitter and can help you reach your goals – whether its to grow your business, career or influence.

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