How to Get More Website Traffic from Social Media

How to Get More Website Traffic from Social Media

The Devumi blog is, for the most part, all about getting more fans, followers, likes, shares, views, etc, etc. Those are great, but how do you turn them into more website traffic from social media?

I’ll look at how you can likely double your website traffic from social media, and truly make social a useful aspect of your overall online marketing campaign in this article.

Get more website traffic from social media channels

Most businesses have a Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram account. Some will also have YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, or even Tumblr accounts. While they will have people dedicated to growing those channels, the end goal for all of them is to get more website traffic and to make some sales.

The first point on driving traffic to your website is going to be multiple shares. I’ll use that smelly gorilla of ours on Twitter as an example. He tweets out all of my posts shortly after they are posted. Now he knows that not all of our fans operate in my European time zone. So his first goal is spread the posting of my content out to more than one time zone.

His second job is to tweet the content out with a different spin on it. You can’t cut and paste a tweet too often. People get tired of it. Here’s the Devumi Gorilla tweeting out my latest blog post at different times using different wording:

Here it is earlier the first time it was published:

get more website traffic twitter

Do you see what that dirty simian did there? He changed the hashtags, the wording, and even the photo. Each post has a link back to our blog. Each blog post has a link to our website. Instead of one tweet driving traffic to our website, we have two. This will continue on for two weeks as the tweet’s content is changed slightly each time. Our retweet packages can do lots for your exposure, but you can help your website traffic along by using this tactic.

How to not become a spammer with multiple shares

I touched on it above when it comes to multiple shares of the same content. You need to change things up enough that it’s fresh each time you send it out. Don’t be one of those people who uses a plugin to send posts out automatically. They’re ignored in a hurry.

You won’t get more website traffic from social media if you’re a spammer. You’ll drive people away from your social media instead! Here are some guidelines to follow:

  1. You are publishing your social feeds for, get this, your fans and followers. Always consider them first, and think about being on the other end of your content plan.
  2. Create a schedule that spreads content out evenly over your target times. Don’t concentrate heavily in any one time.
  3. Figure out your own ‘spam line’ according to your preferences and opinions solicited from others. Draw that line firmly and never cross it.
  4. Creating value is the goal of your social media marketing. Essentially, social media isn’t really worth anything. You can’t sell it like a hammer. You have to create the value by giving users information, entertainment, and education that’s useful.

Points one and four are very important in driving traffic. As I said, if you’re not following these points you’re not going to get more website traffic. You’re just going to alienate your fans and drive them away!

Drive website traffic and be anti-spam with a content schedule

What the Devumi gorilla does, every Monday, is create a content plan. He sits there at his office desk, gets this serious look on his face and…

…back on topic. Once you have established what your ‘spam line’ is, you can begin planning your content. I’m going to give you a sneak peek behind the scenes and steal a screenshot of the Devumi Gorilla’s content plan. He takes a lot of naps, so it’s easy:

content plan to get more traffic from social media

As you can see, our plan is all about our global audience. We have a spread over the most common business hours of the day across the globe, and like to tweet out hourly. Not every piece of content you see there is our content though. About 1/4 of those tweets are ours, the rest are social media experts that the Gorilla likes.

That is how it looks at the end of the week. We still interact with people daily and leave room for breaking news. What we work on in advance to keep our users informed of all the goodness in the social media world is given space at the beginning of the week, not at random.

Make sure that your content is optimised for each social channel

You can’t get more website traffic from social media by cut and pasting everything. A message that works great on Twitter will not be as good as it could be in a YouTube video description. The limits and strengths of each channel have to be considered if you want more website traffic.

Google+ will allow you to write basic markdown text, giving you bullet points and other text writing options. Twitter will allow you to display photos below your text, offering you more chances for than those 140 characters. Hashtags on Google+? Dead. Instagram and Twitter? The only living thing on them! YouTube allows you to put direct links to your website in the video. Vine? Nope. And on and on.

Take the time to create messages for each social channel, playing to the strengths of each, and you’ll drive a few more clicks to your website and get more traffic.

Monitor your results when you get more website traffic from social media

When you start to get more website traffic, know why so that you can keep working on it. For the Devumi Twitter feed, the Gorilla noticed that we got crazy RTs and interaction on Monday – Wednesday, then everything slowed down. That’s why in the image above of the content plan you see more tweets towards that time.

Knowing this helps us get more website traffic as we cater our tweets with our content in it more towards the beginning of the week, and tweets with other people’s content more towards the end.

Ways that you can monitor your website traffic from social media include:

  • Track your links to your website with something like Hootsuite’s, or use if you prefer. Custom Google Analytics tags can also track your results.
  • Listen to and record negative feedback from your users. You don’t have to respond to everyone who says “Hey, you already shared this!” You do have to pay attention to trends though.
  • Always pay attention to fading interest. If you’re too busy, you may become white noise as people ignore your posts. One of my favorite social media experts had this happen on Twitter for me. He had a plugin that randomly tweeted out old posts every hour and he’s just boring. Which is sad, he’s one of the most trusted voices in online marketing!

What is the main lesson here all over again? Don’t try so hard to get more website traffic from social media that you become a spammer.

Remember: Every share is a chance to go viral

Going viral, and getting all the website traffic which comes from that, is the goal of nearly every online marketer at some point. By sending out multiple messages of the same content, with a different spin, you’ll have more chances to go viral.

As an example, a post of mine here on Devumi was given its usual tweet right after publishing. The results were pretty average. A few days later it was tweeted out again, with slightly different wording. The right people got hold of it, shared it all over, and that post now has 5 times more views than any other.

What happened to get all that extra website traffic? I gave it the opportunity to go viral by having it tweeted out more than once. I’m not saying that every social share you send out will get more website traffic for you on a viral scale if you send it out often enough. But those messages that really resonate with people will have a much better chance of going viral if you allow them more shares.

And now for a fun example of a way to get more website traffic. Check out this video from your Uncle Snoop Dogg/Nemo Hoes. The video is full of website pop ups that direct people to the products of his that he’s talking about.

This is Snoop, there will be swearing and controversial topics. Press play if you want to see a man talking to his audience, optimizing his ability to drive traffic, and moving product on the side. Watch for the blimp too!


He has created his own news channel for the streets, and drives great website traffic from YouTube’s very social side.

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