9 Free Marketing Tools from Google that Anyone Can Use

9 Free Marketing Tools from Google that Anyone Can Use

We all know all about Adwords, Google Drive, and Google Docs as useful free marketing tools from Google. But what else is out there that your marketing team, or you as a solo online marketer, can use to push your agenda forward? Here are 9 free marketing tools from Google that I recommend!

1: Google My Business

Get this: you can have free advertising on Google. No, really! All you have to do is claim your listing on Google My Business (which we use to call Google Places), and your business can now be featured higher in search results.

It’s completely free, and is a way that Google is trying to help responsible business that want to take some control over their online presence. When you set up your Google My Business page you’ll also create a Google+ Business Page…

2: Google+ Business Pages

Google have killed Authorship and the +1 ranking in their algorithm, so there’s some debate over whether it’s still worth it to have a Google+ Business Page. For a local business there is little doubt that it doesn’t hurt to have one, and update it every now and then.

Since you set your Google My Business page up above, you’ll need to at least update your Google+ Business Page to include current information. That’s because the two pages are linked. You won’t want to have the wrong, or conflicting, phone number or address listed.

Adding a Google +1 share button to your website will also help keep your Google+ Business Page look active. For those who actually use Google+, the very few, this will take advantage of them because one click to share your content is all they need.

3: Google Webmaster Tools

Much of your online marketing success comes down to getting people to your website and making purchases. With Google Webmaster tools you’ll be shown any possible problems that your website has which are preventing it from being seen in search results.

Follow this link to see how to set up your Google Webmaster Tools account, and you’ll be ready to analyze your traffic, improve your search results, and see how to increase your conversions by identifying weak page copy on your website.

4: Google Adwords Keyword Planner

Better organic SEO come from better keyword research. You can then use your best keywords to create new webpages and blog posts.

Google helps you with this by offering the Google Adwords Keyword Planner. Though it is meant to be used with your Adwords account, you can still get plenty of ideas for free. To use this free marketing tool, you have to set up a Google Adword account, but that doesn’t mean you have to create an ad!

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 12.38.18 PM5: Google Trends

Analysing Google Trends can help you with your keyword planning. You can use it to see:

  • How popular certain terms are
  • How they compare against other words that people are searching for
  • The popularity of the word over time
  • Regional breakdowns of where the terms are popular

These types of choices are essential for any business, but being able to narrow it down tightly for a region and time frame makes it one of the most important free marketing tools for a small business.

6: Google Alerts

Using this free marketing tool correctly allows you to monitor mentions of specific keywords or phrases that you want to know about. This can include:

  • Brand mentions
  • Competitor mentions
  • Product mentions

And anything else that’s important for your business to know about. Think of Google Alerts as a custom newspaper for your business.

7: YouTube

Boom! Didn’t see that one coming, did you? YouTube is indeed one of the best free marketing tools from Google that you’ll come across. With over a billion monthly viewers watching hundreds of millions of hours of video, you can’t ignore this free tool any longer.

Start out with this post about starting a YouTube video marketing channel, and build from there. As I like to do with my posts about video marketing, here’s an excellent example of a free marketing tool increasing brand exposure via video:

If you don’t have ‘shooting a base jumper from Mt. Kilimanjaro’ money, and you’re having troubles getting YouTube subscribers, try our subscriber service for getting those first few and boost your numbers.

8: Google News

This free marketing tool can help you get in on newsjacking for your brand social media accounts. What you’re basically going to do is follow Google News stories that are relevant to your industry – relevance being the key – and sharing it to share in the success of the story. Basically, the story being successful will help your account look useful and successful as well. You’ll see a spike of people sharing these stories, and your account names along with it, with each relevant piece of news you share.

9: Google FeedBurner

RSS feeds have been an essential tool of the Internet since the beginning. The Google FeedBurner is a free marketing tool that will create a feed for your fans and acts as a way to increase subscribers to your content. Think of it as the original Twitter!

Users will have the option of receiving this RSS feed in their email, web browser, or the RSS reader of their choice. Including it as part of your blog is a simple way to get more readers, all for free!

Feature image Michael D Brown / Shutterstock.

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