4 SoundCloud Music Promotion Tips that will Help Your Band Make It

4 SoundCloud Music Promotion Tips that will Help Your Band Make It

The internet and technology have changed everything about the music industry. This is especially true with SoundCloud. This innovative online music promotion tool has given artists a whole new way to get their music into the ears of fans and industry experts alike.

The problem that many artists face is that many other bands and artists are taking advantage of this. How will your music promotion strategy cut through all the noise (no insult intended!) created by the other bands? Here are 4 music promotion tips that will help your band get the recognition it deserves:

Music promotion tip 1: Create every day

No, you don’t have to create a new song everyday, although that would be quite an experience for your fans! You just have to create new content that doesn’t sound like a marketing message. There are so many tools online for you to choose from. Here are the most basic:

  • Record a message to your biggest fans using the SoundCloud app. This builds incredible loyalty from fans who may help promote your music online for free!

  • Start a remix contest on SoundCloud that directly engages your fans with your music.

  • Schedule blogs for publication while you’re away from the computer on the road. Consistent content is a key factor in ongoing relationships with fans.

  • Take Instagram photos from the studio, or create little Vimeo or YouTube teases of your new songs.

You have to look beyond crafting great music and create great content on a consistent basis.

Music promotion tip 2: You can’t create a page and walk away from it

The time when you could create a page and walk away from it are over. Users on SoundCloud expect constant interaction. The platform makes it easy with all of their cross promotional tools and capabilities, you’ll soon be increasing your SoundCloud downloads if you pay attention to it consistently. You should build your page and:

  • Post links on Twitter.

  • Install a player on your Facebook wall.

  • Include a tab on your Facebook which chronicles all of your latest music.

  • Send out your SoundCloud link, or even embed a player, in an email to music journalists and bloggers.

  • Consider building a mobile app, Mobile Roadie works well.

Don’t miss an opportunity to use your SoundCloud page on other social media platforms.

Music promotion tip 3: Own your band’s website

Your audience will soon be all over the world, but your fans need a single place where they can find out everything about your band. Your website has to be that place. It is where you can link to your SoundCloud, Facebook, YouTube and other social media accounts. It also lets people know when your album comes out, where you’re touring, and where they can buy your merchandise.

Don’t know how to build a website? There are many tools out there that can help you, here are a few that you can take a look at:

  • Go Daddy, where you can purchase and register your domain name.

  • Flavors.me is where you can create pages that collect your SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Vimeo in one easy to organize place.

  • Tumblr is becoming more and more popular as it combines blogging and tweeting, while also making it easy to post videos and music.

  • WordPress is a blog builder that you can use as a website if you take the time to design it properly.

Music Promotion Tip 4: Connect with other bands and cross promote

You need friends to make it in this industry, and those slugging it out in the trenches alongside you are the best friends to have. Connecting with other bands online as a music promotion strategy is no different than connecting with other bands that you tour with. The both of you are building relationships with each others fans, exposing them to new sounds, and using your collective power to draw a larger audience. This applies to SoundCloud, Twitter, and Facebook just as easily as it does a tour.

How can you make this connection if you don’t know them? Here are some fun ways:

  • Send them a cover of one of their tracks in a public space and ask for a response.

  • Mention them on your page and let them know you’re doing this.

  • Write about a current band that influences you and embed some of their music in the post.

  • Ask your fans who else they like and get the talking about them on your social media accounts. Let the bands see your shared audience.

SoundCloud offers an incredible number of ways for you to store, share and organize your music in a way that promotes it to the entire online world. Don’t miss out on these exciting music promotion tips, you never know who you may connect with if you ignore them!

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