4 Tips for Podcasts on SoundCloud

4 Tips for Podcasts on SoundCloud

SoundCloud offers musicians the chance to upload their songs, either complete or in progress, to give their fans a little behind the scenes peek. Putting podcasts on SoundCloud is another way that you can entertain your fans, build a regular audience and have some fun.

What you actually do during your podcasts on SoundCloud is, as with all things in the Web 2.0 era, up to you. Successfully doing podcasts that get you more SoundCloud plays, that people listen to and come back to hear again and again, takes a little bit of work. We’ll outline four different points you should look at when you get ready to start a podcast series on SoundCloud.

4 Tips for PodCasts on SoundCloud

1. Have a set structure you always follow

This relates to the structure of the show itself, and the schedule that you publish on. Consistency is the key. Take a look at my blog here, every Friday you can bet that there is a new post (with one exception, I live in South Africa and could not work the day after Mandela died) on the site. You don’t have to have a weekly schedule, bi-weekly or monthly can work. Just be sure that you say when you will put on a new podcast so that people know when to show up.

The podcasts themselves must also have some structure. An intro, the body and a conclusion. Yes, traditional essay structure – but it doesn’t have to feel like an essay. The most successful podcasts will have their own intro/outro music (something you should handle easily!), a set intro line where the topic is introduced and a summary at the end. The best thing you can do is know ahead of time what you’re going to talk about. Write a script, even if it is just an outline.

2. Be a musician

You don’t have to sit down and talk during every podcast. This is your chance to do regular ‘Behind the Music’ or

podcasts on soundcloud can get people listening to your music

Turn successful podcasts on SoundCloud into spins on your fans turntables. Photo credit to Vasta.

‘UnPlugged’ sessions. People are fascinated by what goes on behind the music that they are listening to. One of my all time favorite albums is Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson’ ‘Storytellers’ album. This was two legends sitting dwn and talking about history of their songs.

Ok, so you’re not Johnny Cash or Willie Nelson. Those stories about your songs, the ones that your fans love, are still going to be interesting to your fans. Even something as simple as “Okay, today on the program I’ll be playing our hit song ‘The Weather is Pretty Bad Today’ which I wrote while sitting in a coffee shop in the Badlands of North Dakota.” can be a little piece of information that either gets one of your fans talking to one of their friends, or even sharing your podcast on SoundCloud and other social media sites.

3. Work with a co-host

This is an easy one, talking to yourself is only acceptable when you’re crazy! Being able to trade off on quips, have discussions, and play a song or two, makes things fun. Since you’re most likely going to co-host your podcast with a band member, you should have a good rapport. Your fans will have a better time too.

Think about radio shows when you think about your podcasts on SoundCloud. The most successful all have had a co-host. Howard Stern has Robin, LoveLine has Dr. Drew and Psycho Mike, Frank Brinsley has Tic-Tac and Rush Limbaugh co-hosted with both his ego and a handful of pills.

4. Bring on other bands or bandmates

If you have a set structure you also will have a regular host. Maybe the lead singer likes to talk, or if he’s saving his voice the guitar player or DJ can step up to the mic regularly. Either way, your fans will welcome that regular voice every week. However. Doing a regular podcast, over and over, week in and week out, can become a drag.

Having guests on can liven it up, bring in new ideas and even prompt a jam session! These guests can be other band members who don’t come on normally, bands you’re on tour with, your manager or, maybe best of all – your most rabid fans! Think about a ‘Be on Our Podcast’ competition and the social shares it will get!

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