Internet Security and the Social Media Accounts of your Business

Internet security is a hot button topic lately with the news of the NSA spying program and numerous social media account hacking stories. People are feeling less secure about their internet privacy all the time and it is not unfounded. An ordinary internet connection is not as secure as it once was. You have your government and thieves (yes, both are on the same level here) to thank for it.

How you can increase the security of your social media accounts

Some of the biggest companies in the world have been victims of hacking: Facebook, Microsoft, NBC, Twitter, Evernote, and that’s just this year! That’s two social media companies and one computer company being hacked. What can you possibly do to protect your business?

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To quote Edward Snowden, a man who knows a thing or two about internet security:

“Encryption works. Properly implemented strong crypto systems are one of the few things that you can rely on.”

To translate, encrypting your messages over unsecured lines (such as public wifi hotspots) works. This translates to you needing a VPN provider. You don’t have to be a tech wizard to have one. You can turn to one of these companies on this VPN reviews website to get started. If you want more information, read on and we’ll get you up to speed.

What is ‘VPN’ and how does it work to increase internet security

Think of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) as a private tunnel through the internet that contains your information.

Lock up your internet security with a VPN provider.
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This tunnel is formed by a ring of encryption that is undecipherable by anyone’s current technology. When someone tries to hack into it and read your data all they get is gibberish that can not be deciphered.

This can protect your business’ social media accounts every time you use them while out in public. If you’re at a cafe, a restaurant or using a wifi hotspot your internet security is lowered considerably. Who hasn’t tapped into a wifi hotspot to post something to Twitter or Pinterest while out and about? A VPN provider can lower this risk and help keep your social media accounts secure and free from hacking.

Is VPN technology too new to be trusted for internet security?

This technology is not new. The prevalence of VPN use is more widespread than you may think. Chances are good that if your company has more than one office a VPN will connect them so that communications in-house stays in-house. They are also widely used by mobile police officers to access criminal databases while out in the field. The health care industry also uses them to maintain confidentiality for patients.

This technology can work for those high security environments, and it can certainly work to help protect the social media account that your business has built up. If you feel that your current internet security is ‘good enough,’ here are a few Twitter accounts that you would have thought were ‘good enough’ too, but wound up hacked:

That’s right, the President’s Twitter account was hacked! A VPN can be that extra bit of protection and internet security that your company needs to protect it’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube accounts.

Thanks to Private Internet Access for their Edward Snowden quote and some ideas.

UPDATE: Even Adobe got hit with a hack job, the rise of internet hacking continues to jeopardize even the most well off companies. It is time to work on your own internet security now!

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