SoundCloud and the Era of DIY Music Promotion

SoundCloud and the Era of DIY Music Promotion

There have always been DIY musicians and DIY music – that’s how music always begins, long before the major record deal, the money and the groupies. The interent, social media and YouTube have all done a little bit to help music move forward and puts more power in the hands of the artist and their fans.

SoundCloud has done even more to help artists do this by focusing on what matters – the music. There’s no slick music video with guest appearances of Kim K on a motorcycle, there’s no hype machine around. There is the music, a smart system of connection so fans can find it and the talented are given an even better chance to shine – all DIY and from their computer.

SoundCloud and the Era of DIY Music

soundcloud and diy music

Sound…in clouds. An excellent pun!
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As I said, every artist was once DIY. They went out there, got the attention of an agent or record label and started making money and getting fans. SoundCloud and the internet have changed all of that.

Now, artists are doing their own promotion. They get fans themselves all over the world without once getting on an airplane. This all takes place in an online context thanks to properly filled out metadata and a few hashtags – ok, and a lot of hardwork.

Examples of DIY Musicians who found fame online

There are more people who have made their name due to online exposure than you may think. A number of these people credit YouTube for their success, but a good SoundCloud profile never hurt their chances:

  • Justin Bieber – we all known the story of my fellow countrymen and his rise from obscurity
    Justin Bieber became fmous thanks to online diy music promotion

    What’s that? Imma be famous thanks to online DIY music promotion? Sign me up!

    to fame all thanks to being found online: a talent scout saw his potential, hooked him up with Usher (and Ludacris, more importantly, for his smash hit) and the rest you already know – just turn on your radio to a pop station!

  • Greyson Chance – found online by Ellen, who signed him to her own record label.
  • Andy McKee – one of my favorite online success stories. Andy doesn’t look like Justin Bieber, or even Justin Timberlake – he is just an incredible musician and plays a guitar like few other people in the world can. When 35 million people tuned into one of his videos, myself among them, he was signed to a record deal and is currently touring for his new album.
  • Avery – got her record deal with Universal after posting covers and original music online that really caught on quickly.
  • Julia Nunes – a sweet girl with a quirky instrument, a webcam and the secret ingredient – FUN! I dare you to watch this clip of her singing Queen’s “You’re My Best Friend” and not have a giggle! Even her little gimmick, playing a ukelele, has caught on as more and more people
  • Alyssa Bernal – There may be no other person making waves in music, and hat fashion, right now than Pharrell Williams. When he first heard Alyssa online her wanted to sign her to his Star Trak label so badly he even called her high school!

These are some of the best examples of musicians who made their name through online DIY promotion. They sat at their computer one day, uploaded their music, and their careers began. But we all know that’s not all there is to online music as established artists promote themselves online as well.

DIY music promotion in the future

There’s no question that online music promotion is important now, and will be well into the future. SoundCloud will continue to play a role in this. As is always the case in the music business, you’ve gotta be great at it first. Then you’ve got to use your promotional skills, try using our SoundCloud plays service to get you started, and find your fans and record labels online.

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