Doing a YouTube Live Stream Through a Google+ Hangout

Doing a YouTube Live Stream Through a Google+ Hangout

With YouTube recently opening up its Live Streaming feature to even more YouTube users, the popular video sharing platform has now opened up its most advanced feature to beginner YouTube accounts. As long as your account is verified and in good standing, it should be approved for a live stream event.

Ok, so you can sit in front of your camera and talk live, how do you use this to your advantage as a business person? Why would you even want to? Here are the points to consider.

Why choose YouTube Live Streaming?

The first thing that you want to consider is, as always, the numbers:

YouTube reports that they stream 3 billion hours of video per day!

Your potential customers are in there, somewhere, watching those 3 billion hours worth of videos. A Live Stream event is an exciting new way to drive up views of your channel and get people interested in it on other web platforms.

The reason why it is appealing is because it creates an event. One which you can advertise, plan for and conduct like any other event or party – except all you need is a camera. Not even a camera, most smartphones have the ability to live stream onto YouTube.

What sort of content will you want in your YouTube Live Stream video?

The actual content that you will put on your Live Stream event does, of course, depend upon your industry. Many of the common things that people will have in their video, regardless of their industry are:

  • Powerpoint presentations, great for the camera shy
  • Guest speakers and experts in a field of interest to your viewers
  • The Keynote slide deck will allow you to live stream the image on your desktop
  • The Google Docs Presentation app works perfectly with YouTube

YouTube is about more than just sitting in front of a camera and talking. It can be as dynamic as you want it to be, especially with all of the built in features that comes with YouTube being owned by the billion dollar Google Giant.

In your quest to get more views on YouTube, our views service can help boost your numbers over the short term. It’s the exciting content you produce, like a YouTube Live Stream, that will keep real viewers coming back.

Do a Live Stream through Google+ to double your efforts

As I was just saying, Google owns YouTube and that makes things easier at times as you can use several different web platforms to promote your business. Google+ and YouTube being integrated makes cross promoting on those two easy. Here’s how to do it.

1. Log into your Google+ account using the account you want to stream through. Click on the “Start a Hangout” button.

Start a Hangout Button on Google+

Start a Hangout Button on Google+

2. Check the button down near the bottom which reads “Enable Hangouts On Air.” This lets Google know that you want to broadcast your Hangout on YouTube simultaneously as a YouTube live stream event.

The "Enable Hang Outs on Air" Button for a YouTube Live Stream event

The “Enable Hangouts on Air” Button

3. Go through the verification process for your first time using it. Google walks you through this process and allows you to link your Google+ Hangout to your YouTube channel.

4. Once everything is verified you can click on the red “Start broadcast” button. As soon as you hit that button you’ll be live on Google+ Hangouts and doing a YouTube Live Stream – you had better be sure you smoothed down that cowlick and got the spinach out of your teeth!

Get things started with your YouTube Live Stream through Google+ by pushing the  "Start Broadcast" button.

Get things started with your YouTube Live Stream through Google+ by pushing the “Start Broadcast” button.

When you’re looking good, and having great YouTube Live Stream events, you’ll get those viewer numbers, subscriber counts, and real interaction rising rapidly! The only question now is…can you handle a YouTube live stream?

Photo credit to the Big O.

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