Why Should You Buy Twitter Followers?

When people hear “Buy Twitter Followers”, many of them immediately think it’s a scam or too good to be true. While others think it’s a waste of money, because to them, money and social media have absolutely no connection. So the question remains: Why do people continue to buy Twitter Followers and how can it [...]

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How to Get More Twitter Followers

Getting more real Twitter followers is about quality, content and dedication. Most individuals and business owners want your target audience (customers, clients, or specific demographic) to follow them, but are almost always disappointed because almost no one does or they just don’t get the success they would have hoped for. The fact is, Twitter is [...]

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How does Devumi work?

Devumi works in many wonderful ways. We have a team of extraordinary marketing and web experts with years of experience working around the clock. Our customer support team also does a fantastic job of keeping our customers informed and extremely satisfied. But the most  important part of how Devumi really works is what actually goes on [...]

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How to get more Facebook Likes – Top 10 Ways

How to Get More Facebook Likes – A question many Facebook Fan Page owners ask everyday. The fact is, just dedicating a few minutes of your time everyday can make a world of a different and can get you from 20 Likes, to 50,000 Likes in just a few weeks. Our team has been performing [...]

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Twitter in Plain English (Video)

Twitter in Plain English is a simple and easy introduction to Twitter. If you’re new or just don’t get what all the hype is about, this video does a fantastic job of explaining it all.   Ready to get started? Join Twitter today and check out some of our Twitter services to gain more followers [...]

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How to Create a Facebook Fan Page (Video)

How to Create a Facebook Fan Page, a Step-by-Step Video Guide. Facebook is a typical social networking site that connects with friends and other community circles. It is done through a platform induced to share thoughts and updates with others. It acts as a promoting tool apart from making new contacts and building strong relationships. [...]

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