Do Search Engines Give Priority To Dot-Com Domains

A dot-com domain extension is easily the extension most preferred by businesses and investors when purchasing a domain name. At least part of that popularity can probably be explained by those individuals and businesses believing that a dot com extension will give them a leg up on the search engine rankings. Apparently that belief remains one of the Internet’s urban legends.

According to an article in the domain investors’ blog Dot Sauce quoting a Google executive, it is a myth that dot-com gets priority on the search engines. At least not at Google! In fact, country code domains ( dot-de for Germany and dot-Cn for China are two possible examples of country code extensions among hundreds) actually have a slight advantage over dot-com within their own countries of origin. I guess that would mean that on Chinese Google a dot-cn would surface faster than a comparable dot-com–or any other domain extension, for that matter.

No, don’t buy a dot-com thinking the search engines care; the best reason for purchasing a com is that it is the extension that comes first to most peoples minds; and if any extension is likely to be typed gratuitously into the address bar it is a dot-com. That is the extension’s chief advantage and an advantage that in most cases will only gain you a few more hits a month. Buy a dot-com if you can still find one that suits your business, but don’t be afraid to go farther afield into dot-net and dot-biz thinking you’ll lose your advantage. What matters more than the extension you use for your domain name is the effort you have made to build your brand. There are millions of successful dot-net, dot-whatever businesses out there and even more dot-com names languishing unused in investors’ portfolios waiting for someone to come along and pay an exorbitant price because they believe that’s the shortest route to riches!