Our Web Design Process

Nothing can be built on faulty grounds. This is why cookie-cutter websites, logos, online and offline media will not impress your customers. They don’t drive sales – they drive away sales. Even worse, they will hurt your brand and the image it portrays.


Step 1 – Discovery and Marketing Consulting

During our preliminary discovery process, your brand is explored, analyzed, pondered and debated with both our experts and your own experts.


Some of the issues we explore include:

  • History and competitive benifits
  • Target Audience
  • Competitor analysis
  • Marketing and SEO Strategy
  • Marketing and conversion Goals
  • Customer Habits and Psychological graphic design

This initial process reveals useful information critical to a marketing strategy. Without this absolutely vital procedure, crucial elements and factors would normally be unnoticed, potentially opening the door for your competitors.

After our discovery and marketing meeting, or Online Creative Brief for smaller projects we will research your market, competitors, online and offline collateral and present a marketing direction.


Step 2 – Visual Direction and Messaging

It‘s only after the discovery meeting that work on the visual direction begins. Using agreed-upon concepts, we pitch visual ideas and supporting content that coincide with the message you want to convey. We keep doing this until one idea is approved for further development – there’s no sense wasting your time and money chasing down ideas that are not on target. Once a concept has been approved, it goes to our design team. The team then knows exactly what they’re striving for and can focus their creative talents on the best way to visually accomplish the chosen objective.


Step 3 – Tweaking

We consider the smallest of details – the weight of font and header, the graphical content used, special effects. Our creative team will work together until we agree that a concept is extraordinary and ready for you, the client, to see.


Step 4 – Revisions and Approvals

The next step is the revision and approval process. Here, the client details necessary revisions by email, conference call or online meeting. We even explain our reasoning for certain design and graphic techniques used and how these techniques may affect customer behavior. Once everyone is on the same page, revisions are processed and we move one step closer to completion.


Step 5 – Web Development

Our web development process follows a long chain of tested and proven steps that assure quality results. Most websites we design are built within our custom WordPress, Joomla or Drupal content management system, which allows authorized users to easily edit and update content. Everything we do is fully XHTML compliant and tested in the latest browsers. All online media development is subject to both internal evaluation and customer review before being released. With the nature of Web development – bugs and errors occur frequently and we strive to fix them as quickly as possible – PLUS, we give you a six-month assurance policy for peace in mind.


Step 6 – Support and Management

Websites and media often require continual updating, altering and optimizing. We make sure you stay ahead of the game, with a managed, impressive and targeted image. Devumi offers ongoing support for all of work. Our support packages are designed to enable you to update your brand on an as-needed basis and address small, but important changes as quickly as they arise.


What Does It All Mean

From the initial discovery meeting, first design, and final development of the finished project – we make sure everything we do complements the marketing element of your business, your brand and your website. We will develop a website that not only looks impressive, but is fully backed by your industry specific knowledge and our marketing know-how.

You shouldn’t think of us as a vender – think of us as a part of your team, a member of your organization, a partner for success that cares about your bottom line as much as you do.